Thursday, July 22, 2010

FotoSketcher 1.98 early beta: full undo/redo and German language


I've just uploaded an early beta version of FotoSketcher 1.98 (as usual, you can download it here:

So, what's new? Well, no new effect yet, but a full undo/redo function (up to 255 steps!). Also, a kind FotoSketcher user from Germany, M. Josef Kasparbauer has translated all the terms into German.

Here is a screenshot with the German language selected:

If you are willing to test the new beta version, please don't hesitate to send me your feedback either on this blog or by e-mail (

Best regards from the beautiful city of Lyon,



Barry said...

Thanks for the opportunity to try the beta version.

I have noticed something - when you load a picture and do a 'thing' (I did the 'oil pastel sketch' thing), then hit 'undo' it REMOVES the right hand picture and shows the parrot picture from the startup.

I think it should undo back to the original picture, as shown in the left hand window..

(The filter 'things' still work and show correct results though - so it's an appearance thing only)

Definite credit for the undo/redo working even AFTER you load another picture - it undo-s to the previous picture, VERY nice!

David said...

Hi Barry,

Yes, you are right about this undo glitch. I'll correct that.
Thanks for your feedback!

Donna L "Sunshine" said...

David, is FS compatible with Windows 7? I'm looking to upgrade my PC from Windows XP but don't want to loose out on using this program. Thanks and great work!

David said...

Hi Donna,

Yes, FotoSketcher works fine in Windows 7!

Pierre (BC, Canada) said...

Salut David,

I've tried FS 1.98 and everything seems to be working fine on my side (Vista OS), no glitches.

Thanks for the addition of "Undo/Redo". It's great! What are you working on at the moment? Some new effects... like Impasto, maybe :-) ?

Keep up the good work!

David said...

Hi Pierre,

Impasto, impasto...? Yes, that's an idea! I need to think about it ;-)
At the moment I'm collaborating with a developer in the US to port FotoSketcher to the Android platform. I think this will be fun!

Pierre (BC) said...

Android! Wow! Great idea... for those who are using this tool... not me :-(
I'm retired and I don't need that kind of gadget in my life, but since I have lots of time on my hands, I am painting... with Fotsketcher naturally!

And I am waiting patiently to try out your new filters... did I mention Impasto? :-D

Bonne journée à Lyon!

Jill said...

David, thank you for this wonderful download! What fun! I will send a donation as soon as I am employed again... right now I am on unemployment and money is tight.
So a cup of coffee will be coming your way in the future...

David said...

Thank you very much Jill. And don't worry about the coffee, I have lots of caffeine in my system right now :-) Good look with your job search.