Thursday, March 29, 2012

FotoSketcher 2.30 is officially released

Hi all,

The latest version of FotoSketcher (2.30) is now officially available.

Go to to download the new and improved (and still 100% free) FotoSketcher!

So, what's new in version 2.30?
- new "Pencil sketch 4" effect (black & white or color)
- improved "Pen & Ink sketch 1" effect
- some interface improvements
- ini file bug fix (the ini file could not be saved on some versions of Windows, due to UAC)
- for Windows 7 users, a progress report is now shown in the taskbar application icon (useful if you minimize FotoSketcher during a long process). This idea was suggested by a user. Thanks ;-)
- the optional FotoSketcher toolbar setup has also been simplified and clarified

Here is an example of the new Pencil Sketch 4 effect:

And here are the parameters used:

Have fun!



Pierre (BC) said...

Merci David !
Je crois que je vais bien m'amuser à tester ce nouvel outil !

Keep it up!


David said...

Merci, Pierre.
Have fun !

Anonymous said...

Merci beacoup!
It's getting better and better every time. :-)


David said...

Merci Peltio ;-)

Anonymous said...

Merci David pour ce soft très sympa :-)

Juste un truc :
Chez moi, la version portable 2.30 génère le fichier "FotoSketcher.ini" dans le dossier Application Data... Juste pour info ;-)


David said...

Bonjour David,
Merci pour votre message. Concernant le fichier FotoSketcher.ini, il est désormais effectivement enregistré dans le dossier Application Data (une désinstallation éventuelle de FotoSketcher l'effacera). En effet, les versions récentes de Windows empêchent, pour des raisons de sécurité, de sauvegarder dans le répertoire Program Files.

David said...

Salut David,

Mon message concernait la version portable... ;-)

Bien à vous,


David said...

Ah, bien vu, merci !
J'avais oublié de changer une directive du compilateur pour la version portable.
C'est désormais corrigé.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Lynda.

ऋषभ आर्य said...

Dear David,

i am from BHARAT(a.k.a. india). I really love your work, it is amazing.
But it would have been better if you had provided some pre-defined parameters for non-technical users like me in form of .fsk files for download separately.

Rishabh Aarya

David said...

Thx Lynda :-)

@Rishabh: when I remember to do it, I try to provide the parameters used for my example images. Sometimes it is not easy because I often use combined effects (and the manual brush as well).

Helen Shwiger said...

Hi David.

I'm want to ask - Is it possible in preset "Old Photo" to modify vignetting parameters?

Thank you for awesome Fotosketcher :D

David said...

Thank you, Helen. It is not possible to directly modify the vignetting parameters, but it is easy to reduce or cancel the vignetting. To do so, first choose the "no effect" filter and add a simple white frame (with a 200 pixels width for instance). Press the Draw button and then F12 (to use the framed image as source). Then run the "Old Photo" filter and delete the frame with the crop tool.
I hope this helps :-)

Zakir said...

what is the next step for fotosketcher more filters etc..

your the best programmer we could ever have in art

plus it beats all the paid programs out there

David said...

Hi Zakir,

Thanks for your comment.
I am actually in the process of rewriting FotoSketcher almost from scratch, for multiplatform support (Windows, Mac and possibly iOS).
So far, I have the basic interface up and ready, with display and zoom capability and the capacity to open lots of different image formats (with alpha channel, which was not the case so far). I have also ported the Emergence effect, to familiarize myself with the new coding style (Delphi XE2 Firemonkey). Apart from a few minor surprises (some functions are RGB in Windows and BGR in MacOS) I am beginning to get up to speed.
Once I've done all that (might take a few weeks), I'll start working on new effects!

All the best,


jph said...


Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux logiciel que j utilise depuis quelque temps déjà.

Mais dans cette nouvelle version mes .TSK deviennent autre :
Sous 2.25 une effet Peinture 7 devient un Peinture 6 . . .

Pour le reste : Une Merveille



David said...

Merci JPH:-)
Effectivement, je n'avais pas pensé à la compatibilité ascendante des fichiers .FSK (enregistrement des paramètres des effets). En ouvrant le fichier avec le Bloc-Note Windows, il doit être possible de le corriger, mais c'est un peu compliqué. J'essayerai d'y penser pour la prochaine version !

Pierre said...

Salut David,

On s'ennuie de toi !
Qy'y a-t-il de nouveau de ton côté ?
Que nous prépares-tu comme surprises ?

Amitiés !

David said...

Hi Pierre,

I have been quite busy and did not have time to update my blog much... I am currently working on a complete rewrite of FotoSketcher to make it multiplatform (Windows + Mac + possibly iPad) and that takes a lot of time. Also, some users have reported an elusive error message ("débordement d'entier") in version 2.30 on some PCs running Windows XP. I have tried to eradicate the bug, but so far to no avail.
As for new effects, I am exploring new ideas, but nothing is ready yet.
Rest assured that I am still very much continuing the development of FotoSketcher!

All the best,


Helen Shwiger said...

"As for new effects, I am exploring new ideas, but nothing is ready yet."

Oh, David, may be the possibility to make a macros? This is useful for applying multiple effects to one image in a row.

David said...

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your interesting suggestion. I have indeed been toying with the idea of macros and I have to find a way to make it both simple to use and powerful enough for advanced users. Another idea I'm working on is to implement more ways to merge 2 images. Maybe macros can help there too...

Lance said...

I don't know but may I suggest a more-mosaic styled filter or an 8-bit filter? "Emergence" is not really what I aimed for. Love your work. Au revoir.

David said...

Hi Lance,

Yes, a mosaic filter is one I would definitely like to make. I am doing some research about it.

YTQ said...

Thanks for the crafty application!

I am spreading the word around as a token of appreciation.

David said...

Thank you, YTQ :-)