Thursday, July 25, 2013

FotoSketcher 2.50 beta 1 available for testing

Hi all,

I've just uploaded a beta for FotoSketcher 2.50, with the new linear halftoning effect (plus various improvements).
You can download the executable here:

As usual, I would be grateful for your input should you find any lingering bugs :-)

All the best,



Casey Fluffbutt said...

Very nice..

While it's still beta, might I make a suggestion?

The "level of abstraction" is too fierce - on a 2000 px wide image, only 0-5 is really usable, anything higher just gives a big halftone block(s).

I tried it on a 6000 pc wide image and it's the same up to about 25 on that scale.

I appreciate that people use bigger images - it just seems that for 60+ to be usable you'd need a 10 000 px wide image - about 60 megapixels!

If you could adjust the scale that would also mean smaller halftone blocks lower down = almost an etching on the image, like a woodcut!

It's still nice though.. it just could be nicer..

David said...

Hi Casey,
Thank you for your feedback. I will continue to tweak the halftoning effect as suggested to give better results on smaller resolution images.

Rachael said...

This is cool!

David said...

Thank you, Rachael :-)