Saturday, March 29, 2014

FotoSketcher 2.80 beta available for testing *** update ***

Hi all,

FotoSketcher 2.80 is nearly ready to be released. If you're interested in testing a beta version, you can download it here:
***updated*** integer overflow bug corrected (thx Casey) and colour added to the new Pencil Sketch 4 

I have replaced the old "Pencil Sketch 4" effect with a brand new one (see example below) and have improved the "Automatic contrast and sharpening" function (press CTRL+A to improve the source image).

At present the new "Pencil Sketch 4" effect is black & white only. I intend to add colour in the final version.

Original photo credit © Estate of Stanley Tretick, LLC

The new Pencil Sketch 4 effect is now available with colour :

 Original photo credit © Estate of Stanley Tretick, LLC

Best Regards,



Casey said...

By the Earth Goddess!

That is beautiful!

I played with the settings - try the first slider on 10 and everything else set to maximum - SWEET!

Can I ask a favour? Where you have your tick box for "soften edges", to smooth out the strokes/edges, etc... can you have two boxes"

[] soften edges [] soften more

And the "more" does an stronger smoothing. Pweeeeeeese??

*makes big puppy-dog eyes*

Casey said...

Here's the image for those settings I mentioned:

David said...

Hi Casey,

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad that you like the new effect :)
I could indeed add a new "soften more" tick box, but in fact this is just a simple blur.
What you can do is press F12 to use your resulting sketch as source and then soften it more with the blur function (F9 to bring up the modify source window).
In a future version I'll try to create a smarter soften function.
BTW, a new feature in FS 2.80 is that I added a new "vibrance" algorithm, which makes colours pop more. It is applied automatically when pressing CTRL+A (Automatic contrast and sharpening) and when using the vivify photo effect).

Best regards,


kmartin said...

Can you add deckle edges to the frame selection?

David said...

Hi kmartin,
Yes, that's a good idea. I'll look into it.
In the meantime, you can use either the Realistic frame 7 or the Brushstrokes frame to get a similar look.

Casey said...

I found an error in the new "style"


Could it be level of abstraction?
(win7 Home, x64, 6Gig ram, i3, laptop)

Casey said...

Update, after playing around.

It's "number of iterations".

If I set it too high on some pictures, it gives that integer error. Reset to default 100 and it works, increase it to 120 and it fails..

It might be size or shape - size divided by something gives an int error?

Ps - you don't need to post all of these on the blog.. :-D

David said...

Hi Casey,

Thanks for the heads up! The number of iterations is a factor of the dimensions of the source image. On bigger pictures, the number becomes too large to fit in a normal integer. A small and easily corrected bug, but I had not found it. Thanks for your help :)



Casey said...

Good work, I can confirm it works on 16 mega-pixel image at max iterations.

It's a slow process but well worth the wait - it looks like a pencil sketch, the style done by a conic book artist, 2000AD or such.

Details from deep strokes, thick areas and thin lighter shading.

Colour me impressed (or "black and white" me impressed Hahaha!)

David said...

Thanks, Casey :)
And... colour is coming to a screen near you very soon!

Casey said...


Four effects in one:

No colour, no smooth = pencil comic book drawing a la Conan Comics.

No colour with smooth = cartoon modern style, almost charcoal effect.

Colour, no smooth = colour pencils

Colour with smooth = coloured chalk image.


Peter said...

Hi Casey (and David),

Could you explain (maybe with a script) the way you configure your pencil drawing?

And maybe join a jpg to show your work(s)!

Thanks! Peter

David said...

Thanks Casey!
Peter, I'm still tweaking the effect, but once it's "stabilised", I'll show some examples (with the parameters used).