Wednesday, July 16, 2014

FotoSketcher 2.90 is officially released. 100% free as always.


FotoSketcher 2.90 is now officially available for download. As usual, FotoSketcher is 100% free for personal or commercial use.

Head to to get either the full version (with setup and uninstall) or the portable version.

Here are the new features and changes in this release:
  • New Painting 9 (watercolor) effect
  • Automatic check for update can be disabled manually (replace True by False in the last line of the FotoSketcher.ini file)
  • Added stronger error checking to prevent FotoSketcher from becoming unresponsive when trying to reach a non existent directory (for instance on a removed flash drive)
  • Updated some code for scripts and batch mode
  • A few small bug fixes (new bugs always crop up...)
  • Corrected the Korean language file
A special thank you to users Matthew and Ruth for their help in finding a nasty bug in the early beta version ;-)

Here is an example of the new Painting 9 effect (click on image for full view):
 Original image credits: Nicolas Raymond

And these were the parameters used:

Enjoy :)

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Casey said...


Suggestion: Put the new effect in a script AFTER oil pastels.

oils pastel
save image
new effect
restore save to left
blend left and right 50%

Doing the new watercolour from oil pastels seems to smooth out the sometimes roughness of the watercolour on small areas.

I love the new water effect; it's not perfect but it's great.

The scripting system opens FotoSketcher right up - I urge people to experiment with it

David said...

Hi Casey,

Thanks for your comment and great tip :-)
Even without using scripts, it is sometimes useful to chain multiple effects.
For instance, after using the new effect (Painting 9), press F12 to use the painting as source and then run effect Painting 1 with the following parameters: 90, 0, 5, 120, 50.
This will give your image an even more watercolor look.

Peter said...

Hi guys,

Those are great tips!

That's what you need for your next step, David, some tutorials on how to use FS, with a variety of examples.

Nice work!

Casey said...


Here's a collection of scripts (some mine, some from David).

I hope he allows the link.

Casey said...

David - interesting combination, A soft and flowing water effect.

Return favour - try this:

It looks like a water-pencil (the colour pencils that turn into water colours when you brush over them with a wet brush).

(It was a mistake of mine - I misread your settings)

Painting 9
Pencil sketch 1 (90 0 80 140 50) (vary them by your source image)

Results vary from nasty to interesting, depending on the input image.

Casey said...

Sorry to spam-pester you, i found a small bug.

Cosmetic, not crashing.

The list box for the drop-down effects list isn't long enough and the last thing (the "frame" one) has the text cut in half horizontally.

Oddly, I hadn't noticed it before - I only saw it today because I was down in that area for the "merge" bit (I used manual brush to return a face back to normal - SWEET!!!)

David said...

->Peter: yep, I need to create a tutorial (it's been on my to-do list forever, LOL).
->Casey: Thx for the scripts and tip. As for the cosmetic bug, it is not apparent on my PC (might depend on the version of Windows, default font size...), but it might be more pronounced with the Slate (light) theme. I'll try to solve this in the next release.

Peter said...

Thanks a lot! I'll play with those scripts like a kid in a candie store :-)

BTW, the list box on my computer is fine. I'm using a display of 1680 x 1050, and the main text is setup to Medium - 125%. I have a 23-inch monitor.

Would it be possible to have a "Favorite" folder on the main menu? So we could locate the pictures and folders more easily. You wouldn't believe the amount of pictures I have, and many are scattered in a lot of folders. Hence, a Favorite folder would be very handy.

Also, under "File" could you add something like "More Recents..." where could be stored the last 5 (or 10) projects we are working on?

The reason is that I can play on a picture for awhile, save it under a different name, then store it in another folder than the original. After awhile, I'm all mixed up as to where is the last file I was working on. I'm not getting any younger :-)

Thanks for listening!

Peter said...

At least you see most of the choices!
I'm certain it has to do with the Main text setup. Play with it and see what it does. Maybe the laptop video card has something to do with it also, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

This is one amazing software ! Many thanks for that.

Can someone share some more tips ... especially on how to create a Black/white sketch ... example that Sean Connery image I saw somewhere on this blog. How do I do that ? I am unable to re-produce the same effect on any of my photos.

-- khayal

Casey said...

A Noony Mouse:

If you mean this one:

That's linear half tone, set it to low or no abstraction.

Nearly all controls have a setting for colour saturation or colour effect.

Turn that down to 0 and you get B&W for that style.

If it doesn't have it, just open the end picture in irfanview and desaturate (Ctrl-G). OR you can pre-process the image (before the "painting" and set it to greyscale.

Here's the watercolour set to no colour = chalk drawing:

David said...

Thx Casey :-) Very nice B&W watercolor!

Peter said...

I just love your B&W Watercolour. Superb! Could you share the settings you used?

By the same token, I was wondering if there was a way to share scripts between FS users. I guess that could be a question for David :-)

David said...

Hi Peter,

I think it could be interesting to have a FotoSketcher forum. I'll see if I can set one up easily.
If anyone volonteers to admin such a forum, they are welcome!

Casey said...


it was default watercolour (Painting 5) with colour intensity set to 0.

It was only quick demo of B&W for A. Nonny Mouse :-)

David said...

That's a good idea. I hadn't visited this forum for a while. I'll ask them.