Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

Dear FotoSketcher users,

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

I am hard at work on version 3.00 and I hope to have a working beta version for you to test sometime in 2015!

All the best,



Anonymous said...

The very best to you for 2015!

I am a happy user of your programm :)

David said...

Thank you :-)

Unknown said...

Hi David,

The program is very cool. I have a question though, as a non-artist. Can it be used to make coloring book images from my photos? Everything I have seen looks more like converting photos into paintings. I would like to make coloring books for my kids and grand kids and can't get to sketch level with them with what I have tried, and it doesn't appear to be addressed in the tutorials.

Thanks for any guidance,


David said...

Hi Bobby,

Although FotoSketcher was not meant specifically to turn photos into coloring books, there are some effects which might give you usable results. I would suggest trying for instance:
Cartoon 2 (with the following parameters: 255, 60, 0, 255) or Cartoon 1 (0, 0, 100, 220, 0) or Pen&Ink Sketch 2 (40, 255, 12) or Pencil Sketch 4 (15, 160, 5, 255, 0).