Monday, December 23, 2019

Early test version of FotoSketcher 3.50

Hi all,

Just in time for the holiday season, I've uploaded an early test version of FotoSketcher 3.50. You can download it here:

I have replaced the old Painting 4 effect (which was really dated) by a brand new painting effect. Here is an example (source photo credit Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash):

The code is not optimized yet, so processing times can be really long. Also, this is still a proof of concept and the final effect might look somewhat different.
In particular, the brushstrokes are still a bit crude and I will try to make them more realistic in a future release.

However, I have had fun testing the new algorithm and on some images the result looked rather good, so I wanted to give you a test version for you to play with.

I wish you all a Merry Xmas and happy holidays!

Best regards,



mike power said...

NB: This is Windows only. It won't run on a Mac.

David said...

Yes, I should have mentioned that FotoSketcher is a Windows program.
The Mac version provided on is experimental and uses the WineHQ emulator to run.

manthasfamily said...

I'm a bit of a beginner so I would like to know how you go about replacing the old Painting 4 effect with a brand new painting effect?


David said...

Hi Karen,
In the future version 3.50, the painting 4 effect will automatically be the new painting filter, so you won't have to do anything at your end.
When it's officially released, just download the latest version and when you run the Painting 4 effect, it will apply the new algorithm.

Casey said...

Glaring problem - and I accept I don't need to do it (but I want to, it's how i handle things in programs - right click to copy/move/delete/etc)

Menu "Open picture", navigate to a folder, folder has multiple images. (Saying this only for complete info, I don't think it's relevant)

If I L-click on the image I get FS's thumb preview on the right.... if I right click (to see my normal list of right click commands) FS crashes to the "stopped working" dialogue/message box.

It feels like it;s not playing nice with my right click thumbnail program (xnview XnViewShellExt), but the older versions of FS did OK.

David said...

Hi Casey,

Thanks for the feedback. That's a strange one. I've not changed anything to the "open image" code...
I've just tested and no crash on my PC. I'll install XnView to do more testing.



Casey Fluffbutt said...

(7 days and it'll be deleted)

A photo of the screen of the error (PrtSc, the print screen button, puts a screenshot in memory to be pasted into irfanview... didn't work. So I took a photo and emailed it to myself.. *grin*))

Dunno if it'll help. The bit that is blank is about where the XNView extension shows the thumbnails. Just under "To Notepad".

I just tried this in Firefox, the right click works fine there. It also works fine inside irfanview (oddly enough as it's a picture viewer showing another picture viewer's picture)

Casey Fluffbutt said...

Additional, sorry for the double post.

Just tried it in FS 140 x64, works fine as a menu but the xnview spot is blank - still there as a thumbnail space but black (the FS background to the menu) - maybe that menu background is borking the thumb display?

Edit #2 - the colour prefs don't change it, they change the menu background but it's still blank where xnview thumb would be.

I do know this xn extension hasn't been updated in ages... sadly.

David said...

Hi Casey, I looked into it and the only thing that changed is the compiler version I used. This could be causing the issue you mention, but I was unable to reproduce the problem on my PC.

Adder said...

Very early stages just trying the newer 3.50 beta. Seems to preview faster on my windows version. Been a great fan of this program for its simplistic use - it has all the functionality you want, and none of the overkill extras. Look forward to the official release !!

Adder said...

This 3.5o0 seems quite stable, it hasn't crashed but is slow some brushes. Keep up the good work.

David said...

Hi Adder,
Thank you for your comments and for testing :)
A new (slightly faster) beta is almost ready and I'll upload it in the next few days.