Monday, February 21, 2011

Upcoming new effect: expressive brushstrokes

Hi all,

Still working on a new algorithm which uses brushtrokes (like the Painting 7 effect), but with a completely different stroke placement.
I think it gives a nicely expressive touch to the painting. Here is an example (click on the picture to enlarge):

I hope you'll like it.

Best regards,



nomeradona said...

very nice effect. how about a Van Gogh brushwork.

David said...

Thx. I don't think that this new algo will allow me to emulate Van Gogh but I'll run some tests with different brushes to see what come out...

Gene Healy said...

Looks like another great option in a super software!

Now all I need is the patience to wait for the release. (Very Big Grin)

Merçi, David.

David said...

Thank you, Gene :-) If all goes well, I may be able to upload an early beta version soon...

Zakir said...

Hello David

liking the new effects

When are you planing to release them will in be in beta first so we can try it out

David said...

Hi Zakir,

Yes I will publish a beta version soon, which will include the new effect. I will announce on this blog when the beta is ready (it will take a few days yet, as I have a lot of optimising to do).

Anonymous said...

J'ai téléchargé hier FotoSketcher que j'ai découvert par hasard.
Vraiment un remarquable logiciel.
Fonctionne parfaitement et les effets sont particulièrement réussis.
Merci de le proposer gratuitement.

David said...

Merci Manu :-)

Zakir said...

Hi David

Can you give us an update whats been happening

David said...

Hi Zakir,

I've made progress with the new effect, but I'm still not completely happy with it. When it's ready, I'll make a beta version available.