Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still adding new features in FotoSketcher


I am still adding new features to FotoSketcher 2.40. There will now be a new way to combine effects, plus various improvements to the interface.

Here is an example of the new combination of effects, which will be quite useful with scripts (the two effects used here are 'colored dots' and 'pen & ink sketch 2':

I will write a new post when I have a stable beta available, so stay tuned :-)

All the best,



Peter (BC, Canada) said...

Salut David,

Keep it coming!
I love your work!


David said...

Thanks Pierre :-)

I'm still ironing out a few minor bugs. Should have a release candidate ready soon.

Anonymous said...

For a minute I thought that was a painting of the program's author...


Dave S

David said...

Lol. I was shortlisted for the Bond role, but Daniel Craig beat me to it :-)