Sunday, January 20, 2013

Update on upcoming version 2.40

Hi all,

Here is a new screenshot of FotoSketcher 2.40 with a lighter theme I've just added (click on the image to view full size):

Apart from working on the user interface, I have ironed out some small bugs and added support for more languages in the script engine.

Once I've added all the new translated terms I will make a release candidate available.

Stay tuned!




zakir said...

Hello David

Have you heard about Ouya a free open source Andriod gaming system why dont you pre order one you'll be able to make your app Fotosketcher on Ouya I've already pre ordered mine its only $99. With one controller and will have dev kits already for you to make your app. Go to Something new for 2013 love your program.

Kind regards


David said...

Hi Zakir,

Thank you for your comment. I am indeed looking at Android programming, but will not be able to port FotoSketcher to that platform for copyright reasons.
FotoSketcher is and will remain a free Windows application, but I might start working on new projects for Android if I have the time :-)

All the best,


Casey Fluffbutt said...

Many, many thanks for the lighter interface.

I have grown to detest the modern trend for black or dark grey interfaces (like Lightroom of the newer photoshop).

They are eye straining and obnoxious..

Casey Fluffbutt said...

I've found a small thing - the cancel box in the scripting section still says "annuler" instead of "cancel" when language is set to English.

And a request - the style box opens with the scripting box (great idea!) but it doesn't close when you close the script box - can you make it so that closing the script box closes the style box as well?

Or is that problematic?

David said...

You're welcome :-)
In the new version, there will be both a dark grey interface for those who like it and a light one (which may indeed easier on the eyes).