Monday, January 5, 2009

Official release of FotoSketcher 1.8

Version 1.8 of FotoSketcher is finally available. You can download it for free at

Here are some of the new functions you will find :
- 3 new effects (sketch 2 - black & white, sketch 3 - colour and painting 4)
- resizeable left and right panes (move the mouse to the separation line)
- right-clickable magnifying glass icons (the center one sizes the image to best fit the pane)
- the zoom percentage value is editable (just click on the value)
- the source image modification functions are now on one screen, with a preview window
- a link has been added to an online help page (which will be available in the future)
- a better text function (you can move the text with your mouse better than before), with the possibility to add a shadow
- if you move the images around fast, they will continue to move in the same direction for a while (useful on large images or if you zoom a lot)

Here are some example images produced with version 1.8 (original photos courtesy of Stock Xchng):

Black & white sketch 2:

Colour Sketch 3 (first version):

Colour Sketch 3 (second version - with different parameters):

Painting 4:

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