Monday, January 10, 2011

FotoSketcher tutorial - how to apply multiple effects on the same photo

Here is a step by step tutorial on how you can apply two different filters on the same image, using FotoSketcher 2.00.

Step 1:
Open a photo and apply your first effect (here Cartoon 1).

Step 2:
Then copy the resulting image to the clipboard (either by right-clicking on the drawing and choosing 'Copy drawing to clipboard', or by pressing CTRL+C or by clicking on the third icon in the toolbar).

Step 3:
Now apply your second filter (here Painting 6 - oil painting, with increased brushstrokes intensity).
Once the painting is finished, paste the previous cartoon image from the clipboard (either by pressing CTRL+V or right-clicking on the first image and choosing 'paste image from clipboard' or click on the fourth icon in the toolbar, as shown here).

Step 4:
The Cartoon image you had created in step 1 is pasted in both panes. Your oil painting has disappeared, but no panic, this is normal.

Step 5:
Just click on the undo icon (as shown) or press CTRL+Z.

Step 6:
Now the cartoon image in on the left and the oil painting is on the right. The final step is to choose the 'Merge source and result images' effect and voila!

The result:
With a frame and texture added.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Best regards,


Saturday, January 1, 2011

For the New Year... FotoSketcher 2.00 finally released

Happy New Year to all!

After months of hard toil FotoSketcher 2.00 is finally available for download (

I am especially endebted to all the users who provided me with feedback, suggestions and encouragement.

And also a very special thank you to the people who translated FotoSketcher: Zdeněk, Date, Ari, Josef, Luca, cienislaw, Andrei and Bela.

What's new in v 2.00:
  • 10 languages in all (English, French, German, Czech, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, Finnish, Russian)
  • Crop source or drawn image
  • Lossless 90° rotation
  • Improved and more responsive interface (12 skins, flicker-free icons, real-time preview of brushstrokes)
  • One-click automatic contrast adjustment
  • Check for updates
  • Automatic saving of language, window size, position and chosen skin
  • 4 new realistic frames
  • New custom brushes loading for Painting 7 effect
  • New vintage photo effect (sepia, vignette, old photo texture)

I hope you'll have fun with the new FotoSketcher :-)

All the best,