Saturday, December 22, 2007

New FotoSketcher 1.3 is released!

Hi all,

The new version 1.3 of FotoSketcher is finally out, with lots of improved bits in it!

The new features included are :
  • Resize window (view full screen)
  • Access to FotoSketcher homepage from within the program (about menu)
  • Better edge rendering
  • Improved parameters window
  • Correct bug where some text was not displayed in full
  • Better save dialog
  • Fully functional real-time preview!!!
Only the English language version has been released at this time. You can download it here :

I hope you enjoy FotoSketcher, the easiest and totally free program to turn your photos into sketches.



Monday, December 17, 2007

New FotoSketcher 1.3

Hi all!

The new version of FotoSketcher is almost ready.
Some new features I'm working on :
  • Resize window (view full screen) -> done
  • Access to FotoSketcher homepage from within the program -> done
  • Better edge rendering -> in progress
  • New parameters window -> done
  • Correct bug where some text was not displayed in full -> done
  • New pen & ink rendering -> code working, needs to be incorporated
  • Better save dialog -> needs to be done
  • Quick and dirty preview -> needs to be done
  • Correct bug when memory runs out on very large images -> needs to be done
I hope I can release the new version by christmas...

So stay tuned and check regularly!

Best regards,


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First post

Hello world!

Welcome to "FotoSketcher News", the main place to find information about the freeware program FotoSketcher.

Here you will find information about future releases of FotoSketcher, tips and tricks, examples, tutorials and everything I might think of which is remotely connected (or not!) to FotoSketcher.

As you probably know, FotoSketcher is a standalone program for all flavours of Windows (tm) which automatically turns your photos into nice pencil drawings (black and white or colour sketches).

The homepage of FotoSketcher is

If you wish to download a 100% free copy of FotoSketcher just go there.

Here is a sample image produced with version 1.2 of FotoSketcher :
Have fun with FotoSketcher!

Should you wish to drop me a line, please do so at the following address :

Best Regards,

David - author of FotoSketcher