Thursday, August 2, 2012

FotoSketcher 2.31 beta available

Hi all,

After quite a lot of fine tuning and tweaking, a beta version of FotoSketcher 2.31 is finally available for download.
You can get it here:

The main change is the new Pencil Sketch 5 filter. Here is an example (in colour and black & white):

Original image cropped (photo credits Gayle Lindgren -

black & white sketch 

parameters used:

and colour sketch

parameters used: 

This version is an early beta and there is still a lot of work to be done. The elusive bug which only occurs on some Windows XP machines (and on none of the ones I tested of course) is still there (error message 'débordement d'entier'), so I might have to revert to version 2.25 and rewrite everything up to 2.31...

But at least you can play with the new Pencil Sketch 5 filter.

Also the next version will be translated in Chinese.

Best regards,