Sunday, April 21, 2024

FotoSketcher 3.95 beta - available for testing

 Hi all,

Hot off the press, FotoSketcher 3.95 beta 1 is now available for download here:

Here are the new features in this release:

  • A printer bug, which could prevent FotoSketcher from running, has been solved
  • A new and improved Pencil Sketch 5 effect has replaced the old one
  • A new language has been added (Catalan) - thank you to user Robert LOPEZ for the translation!
  • Global performance has been (slightly) improved 

There are still a few things I need to add, correct and tweak before the official release, but this beta version should be stable and usable.

Here are a couple of examples with the new Pencil Sketch 5 effect:


Have fun!