Friday, March 29, 2019

Watercolor made with a development version of FotoSketcher for Android

Hi all,
The Android version of FotoSketcher is still under development and one of the first effects I have ported is the Painting 9 (watercolor) filter. 
The following image was made on my phone in roughly 10 seconds (texture and border where then added with the help of FotoSketcher for Windows). The photo was taken by me in my hometown of Lyon in France (the bridge is the Lafayette bridge on the river Rhône).
My goal is to have a multi-platform version of FotoSketcher which will run on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
By the way, I have been told that some apps on the Apple, Google or Microsoft stores use the name FotoSketcher. These apps are usually not free and seem to be pretty low quality. In no way are they made by me. Unfortunately, this is blatant plagiarism and parasitism.
The official FotoSketcher homepage will always be:
But enough of that, what's truly important is that you have fun playing with the real FotoSketcher!
Kind regards,