Tuesday, May 25, 2021

FotoSketcher 3.80 for Windows - beta 1 - available for testing

Hi all,

FotoSketcher 3.80 is almost ready and a beta version can be downloaded here for testing purposes: https://www.fotosketcher.com/FotoSketcher_3.80_beta1.exe

This is a Windows only release.

Side-note : I am still working on the future multi-platform version (Windows + Mac to start with), but I've hit some technical difficulties. On MacOS the Painting 4 effect is painfully slow (much more than on Windows) and sometimes crashes. So more debugging work is necessary.

 source image created with www.artbreeder.com

Here are some of the new features in v3.80:

  • Larger preview area (21% larger)
  • Painting 4 can now run without erasing the previous painting. This can be useful to mix effects or to start with broad brushtrokes and then load finer brushes and run the effect again. To run Painting 4 without erasing the previous image, RIGHT-CLICK on the Draw button instead of left-clicking.
  • Painting 4 now has an svg export (once the effect has finished, a SVG button will appear, below the HD button). This exports the basic rectangles, not the brushstrokes.
  • Pencil Sketch 1 has been refined (less blurry)
  • Custom transparent PNG frames are now supported (as shown in the screenshot above). Just drag and drop the PNG frame onto the right-panel image and voila!
  • Custom brush directory for Painting 4 is now "remembered" and you can open an image from one directory and brushes from another without having to navigate your folders back and forth.
  • A new language is now supported, Danish, thanks to the translation by Kenneth TOLLUND (big thanks to him and all other translators!) 

As always, I hope you have fun playing with FotoSketcher and please let me know if you find any bugs in this beta version.

All the best,