Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First post

Hello world!

Welcome to "FotoSketcher News", the main place to find information about the freeware program FotoSketcher.

Here you will find information about future releases of FotoSketcher, tips and tricks, examples, tutorials and everything I might think of which is remotely connected (or not!) to FotoSketcher.

As you probably know, FotoSketcher is a standalone program for all flavours of Windows (tm) which automatically turns your photos into nice pencil drawings (black and white or colour sketches).

The homepage of FotoSketcher is

If you wish to download a 100% free copy of FotoSketcher just go there.

Here is a sample image produced with version 1.2 of FotoSketcher :
Have fun with FotoSketcher!

Should you wish to drop me a line, please do so at the following address :

Best Regards,

David - author of FotoSketcher

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