Monday, April 21, 2008

New feature/bug (!!) in FotoSketcher 1.5

Despite rigourous testing by a hugely dedicated team (me) it appears that the new version of FotoSketcher (1.5) may actually cause problems to some users...

In fact, if you have no printer installed on your system (or if the print spooler is not started) then you will get a 1722 error code (and you will need to frantically press ctrl-alt-del to stop the FotoSketcher process).

Thanks to Dod for pointing out the problem (and finding the cause!).

I will address this problem ASAP.

Best regards,



Anonymous said...

Love your program!
I have Windows XP and downloaded your program 4/20. I was able to do one
drawing,then it froze.I tried again today and it acts like it's working then freezes computer.Can you help me?

David said...

Hi Nancy,

I will certainly try to help you. First of all, FotoSketcher can sometimes be slow with big images or if your PC does not have enough memory. You should first start with small images and see if your computer freezes.
I suggest you try to reproduce the steps that cause the problem and send me all the information you can (PC configuration, size of images...) at

Best regards,