Friday, December 5, 2008

Tweaking a new algorithm

Hi all,

I'm working on yet another rendering style (new b&w or colour sketch). Here are a couple of examples (click on images to view full size):

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Anonymous said...

This look auspicious!

David said...

Thanks :-)

The new algorithm is not quite ready yet, though. It does look promising one some images and not so on others. And it's a bit slow (I haven't started optimizing it).

I still hope to release version 1.8 near Christmas.



HolyCityPrayer said...

merry Christmas, David.

Your software looks just like what I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, I am clueless as to how to get the characteristics I'm looking for.

I suggest you provide a parameters file for each photo on your site and on your blog, so if I see something and say "I want that effect on my photo", I can simply load it and voila.

David said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to add the parameters used in my next 'FotoSketches' (I just coined the word).

The only thing is when I work on a new algorithm, the parameters change a lot, so when version 1.8 will finally be released the images shown on this post will probably require very different parameters from the one I used.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice.


Can you design a pencil (BW/outline/ink) style that removes most of the 'chatter' (the tiny lines and scruff bits), so it looks very much like a paperback illustralion? (In your two latest, the cathedral (?) and the windmill - see the teeny tiny lines inside the main lined areas - maybe these could be cleaned up, or even made closer and denser, for shading?)

Also, I've been playing with the tool, and I've found that running painting 3 with default setting, then running it again on the saved output of the first run give a VERY realistic watercolour effect - all washed out and bleeding colour into colours. Really lovely!

Bye the way - enjoy your coffee!