Saturday, February 28, 2009

Version 1.85 is officially released

Hi all,

This release is mainly a bugfix, but there are also a few changes in version 1.85:

- I've added a couple of new realistic frames
- as stated in my previous post, you can now also colorize some frames
- the first sketch effect has been improved, with the ability to change contrast
- also, if you untick the 'Soften edges' box the pencil strokes become more visible

As usual, go to to download the latest version.

Here's a quick example (photo credit Stock Xchng) of the improved rendering:

Best regards,



Unknown said...

Pretty funny (as always)

I use it with my students :o)

Greetings from Africa

David said...

Hi Henri,

Thank you for your nice comment. I'm really glad that you find FotoSketcher to be fun and useful to you and your students in Conakry.

Best regards,

David from Lyon

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, mate - you deserve some sort of software medal for this.

Brilliant, well written, speedy, AND FREEBIE!!!


David said...

Thanks Barry!

I love (and use) lots of free software, so this is my small contribution to the community.

Cheers mate,