Friday, August 28, 2009

FotoSketcher group on - show us your art!

Hi all,

A FotoSketcher user (thanks *Haibar) has kindly created a group on Flickr, where you can showcase your creations:

If you have a Flickr account (you can create one for free) you can easily join the group and upload examples of your 'FotoSketcher artworks'.

I look forward to seeing some of your creations.

All the best,



Rolando A. said...

Beautiful images

David said...

Thank you, Rolando :-)

pinkfreud said...

hey david,

just wanted to say thank you for this app :) i downloaded it after looking it up on lifehacker and i must say it's wonderful to have something like this (for free)

just a wee thing- i got a trojan warning from eset, so it automatically deleted whatever was in there and the software is working great.

thanks once again :)

David said...

Thanks PinkFreud!

If you download FotoSketcher from the official site (or an official mirror), you should not have any problems with Trojans or viruses. I use to check, which is quite good.

There are sometimes false positives with FotoSketcher, due to the compression technique I use (upx).

Francesco78 said...

Thanks a lot!
I've discovered just today this wonderful application... it's as simple as it works well.

David said...

Hi Francesco!

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like FotoSketcher.

Barry said...

I'm having a ball with this latest version!!

Thanks, again.

A quick Q: Have you ever thought of making it a photoshop plugin - just imagine what could be done with multiple layer support.

I'm thinking a back layer of rough work on background, a middle layer of tighter brushwork, and a top layer of that colour pencil-ink thingy, at about 55%.. SWEET!

(Don't take this as a request though - You're doing enough just to produce this!)

David said...

Hi Barry!

Glad you like the new version :-)

I've been looking into making FotoSketcher into a Photoshop plugin, but that seems rather difficult if you're not a C++ guru (which I'm not!).
I've found a Photoshop SDK for Delphi though, which might help. One day perhaps...

123 kumar said...

great images .... really beautiful