Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Windows 7 compatibility

Hi all,

FotoSketcher 1.9 is almost 100% compatible with Windows 7. However, while doing some tests I have noticed that there is a small problem with the Destktop Wallpaper function:

When you right-click on a drawing and choose 'Set the drawing as wallpaper (ctrl + w)' the FotoSketcher image correctly appears as your wallpaper, but next time you start Windows 7, it will have disappeared.

I have already fixed the problem and the next release of FotoSketcher will not have this issue anymore.

By the way, I'm currently busy working on version 2.0, but I still have some work to do before releasing it. As usual, I'll keep you posted on this blog.

In the meantime, here are a couple of images found on Stock.xchng (thanks and credits to the original photographers) and processed in FotoSketcher:

All the best,



Richard Norden said...

I am very curious what amazing new features v2.0 will include. How about a sneak preview to keep us hooked? ;-)

David said...

Hi Richard,

There might actually be a version 1.95 before I am ready to release version 2.0.
Here are some of the new features that are finished (or almost done):
- full windows 7 compatibility
- corrected preview for pencil sketch 1
- new b&w pencil sketch filter
- new coloured dots filter
- new baroque frame
- new fading ellipse frame
- triptych frame (work in progress)
- merge source and result images (work in progress)

I will soon post some examples on this blog...

As for version 2.0, I'm still working on some new rendering algorithms. Let me just say that I'm doing some research on image moments, texture orientation and template matching. Hopefully something worthwhile will come out of this!

I'm also thinking of a simple macro language (to chain multiple effects) plus a million other ideas.

Promise, I'll keep you posted ;-)

DGehman said...

Would you be willing to share the settings for the images? Both the watercolor window and the oil fields are really nice effects, and I'd like to see how you accomplished them...

Thanks again for a great little program.


David said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your message.
I haven't saved the settings for the images, but you should get similar results with the following parameters:

For the watercolor (Painting 5):
Strength of effect 200
Image simplification 0
Colour intensity 65
Darken/Lighten 145
Brushstrokes intensity 50

For the oil painting (Painting 6):
Strength of effect 200
Image simplification 0
Colour intensity 70
Darken/Lighten 155
Brushstrokes intensity 55



Melanie said...

Je viens de télécharger votre logiciel , je le trouve super !
Il est simple d'utilisation et on obtient de fabuleux résultats!
Merci beaucoup et bravo!

Bonne continuation


David said...

Merci Mélanie :-)

Je suis justement en train de travailler sur la prochaine version...

A bientôt,