Thursday, December 10, 2009

Testing the new 'triptych' frame


Here's a quick preview of the new 'triptych' frame which separates an image into three equal sized panels (border size is user-defined):

This new frame will be added in the next release.




Barry Ayton said...

That looks very nice!
A small suggestion: I've seen some trypt's that have a sort of 'overlap' (that's to say, the middle picture has about 2" or so of the left and right picture in it's respective LH or RH sides). They look pretty good, sort of 'more than just one picture broken up'.

Maybe you could try that. I dunno how it'd be to program it.. LHS = 0 to 33% of picture, RHS = 66 to 100% of picture, middle = 30 to 70% of picture?

Yours still looks good though!

David said...

Hi Barry,

Interesting idea... I'll have to try that!

I'm also going to add a cutout effect on all three panels.

Barry said...

Do you mean like a 'raised off the base' shadow effect, or a raggedy edge effect?

Either would look good, especially if they have something to configure shadow direction or raggedy-ness..

(This is getting more and more complicated for you, isn't it - FotoSketcher must be a real labour of love, eh?)

David said...

It will probably be an inner shadow effect (panel will appear recessed). I have also experimented with a ragged frame, but so far it does not look satisfactory.
FotoSketcher is indeed a kind of labor of love. I enjoy testing new ideas. Most don't work like I think they should, but sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised by the outcome. That's the fun of it.
But what I really enjoy the most is the wonderful feedback I've had from lot's of happy users.

David said...

*lots of* of course...

Anonymous said...

Merci David pour ce fabuleux logiciel, j'attends avec impatience la nouvelle mise à jour.



Richard Norden said...

Looks really great - will the three picture parts have variable widths (e.g. '30% 40% 30%' or '25% 50% 25%')?

David said...

@Jean: Merci! J'espère pouvoir sortir une nouvelle version d'ici Noël ou la fin d'année au plus tard.

@Richard: I started with fixed proportions (33%, 33%, 33%) but I will see if I can easily make that more configurable.

albix said...

Clubic parle du logiciel dans leur guide pratique.

David said...

Merci pour l'info, Albix. Je ne l'avais pas vu. Sur, je connaissais l'article très sympa

Tuzz said...

I just love FotoSketcher more and more each day. You have made such a useful and valuable piece of software for photographers to become digital artists. I tell everyone about it.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to version 2.0 and would be happy to beta test it for you.

David said...


I will soon release a beta version of FotoSketcher 1.95. Unfortunately my PC died on me last sunday (I had just finished the triptych preview) and I am currently in the process of reinstalling everything...
The good news is I now have a brand new PC to play with ;-)

Happy holidays!