Thursday, March 18, 2010

FotoSketcher 1.96 new beta version available

Hi all,

After quite a bit of tweaking, optimising and debugging, FotoSketcher 1.96 is now almost ready. You can download the latest beta version here:

The new painting 7 filter (brushstrokes) has been improved and now uses 35 different brushstrokes to give a more realistic result.
Also, FotoSketcher can now open PNG files, either directly from the open menu or by dragging and dropping a PNG image onto the first panel. However, FotoSketcher cannot save in PNG format though, but I have added a 'save as BMP' function if you don't want compression artefacts from JPG.

Here are a couple of samples from the new algorithm (original source images from Click on the following images to view them in real size:

As usual your feeback is much appreciated.

Best regards,



Barry said...

You HAVE been busy!!

This new effect give a fantastic look to some pictures.

Check this out, before and after:

See how the leaves are almost 3D, and VERY painterly looking as well.

TOP marks for this, you've done so well. (Using the 1.96 from your main page; is it any different to the beta from yesterday/day before?)

David said...

Hi Barry,

Thanks for your comment. The example you posted is beautiful! Indeed the tree leaves look really great.

The official release is slightly different to the beta (for instance it now waits until the preview is finished before running the filter).