Friday, September 24, 2010

FotoSketcher 1.98 is officially released

Hi all,

After a little tweaking (special thanks to user Kempton for his help in spotting a bug), version 1.98 of FotoSketcher is officially released.

Here are the new features and changes in this release:
- Two new cartoon effects
- Full undo/redo function
- Improved interface (with twelve different skins)
- New application and toolbar icons
- German language added (translation by Josef KASPARBAUER)
- Full PNG support
- Bug fixes

As usual, FotoSketcher can be downloaded from the official website:

Best regards,



Anonymous said...

Bonjour David ce dernier FotoSketcher est magnifique et les 2 nouveaux effets cartoon sont splendides.

Avec mes amitiés.


David said...

Un grand merci Jean :-)

Unknown said...

Another great version, David. Thank you for all your work and for sharing it with the rest of us.

Just a small request if at all possible - but some day, maybe it will take advantage of multiple CPUs? I've a Q9300 Quad core. I can see it max out one core, and leave the other three idle.

Just a wish list and in no way meant as criticism.

Again, Thank you.

Barry said...

Have you been playing with multi-core usage?

I've seen FotoSketcher using 2 out of 4 cores (98%, 88%, 0, 0).

If so, BRILLIANT. (If you haven't, maybe I'm just a nob, seeing the wrong thing.. LOL)

Even so, 198 is GREAT. Very fast and seems more responsive to the user.

David said...

Thanks Gene and Barry!

Funny you should both mention multicore (great minds...).
FotoSketcher at present does not support multicore processors. I use Embarcadero Delphi XE as my development environment and it does not make multicore programming easy. Hopefully it will in the future.

Lori said...

You have no doubt been asked this before (sorry!) but do you plan to ever release a Mac version? I would *love* to have this program for my Mac! (I know I could run Windows on my Mac, but have reasons not to.)


David said...

Hi Lori,

Yes I've been asked that question a few times ;-)

I do intend to have a Mac version one day, but it is not easy to port FotoSketcher. I have lots of Windows specific code and I use a development environment called Delphi XE (cost me 800 euros!) which was supposed to be multiplatform (Linux and Mac) but is not yet. The developers of Delphi have run into quality issues and have postponed a multiplatform version until 2011. So until then, FotoSketcher is Windows only I'm afraid... sorry.

Lori said...

Thanks for letting me know, David. It is such a lovely program! I will keep my eyes peeled in case it ever becomes possible for you to make a Mac version!

Penumbra Design said...


Thank you for this great piece of software. it has become a staple in my palette of tools. I have a question. I have been using the watercolor settings to great success until recently. There is a "banding" that has been appearing on the "fotosketched" version of my drawing that i can explain. I have tried the various settings but to no avail i have not been able to make the banding go away. Could you share some insights as to how i can get rid of it?

Thanks again,



David said...

Hi Omar,

Thank you for your comment.
The banding problem you mention is strange... I've not encountered it before. Could you send me by mail ( the original and the FotoSketched images? I'll then run some tests.

Cesi said...

Hi, great software.It is possible to
"paint" only the image part in a PNG?Leaving the opacity intact when it would be a great feature.


David said...

Hi César,

The transparency (or alpha) part of a PNG image is not yet supported internally in FotoSketcher... but I intend working on that! I'll keep you posted on this blog :-)

Cesi said...

Ok Thanks.but for video purpose using image sequence with the batch mode, i solved the problem putting a green screen behind the PNGs and after the conversion i keyout the sreens in sony vegas.This works since you dont use texture in FotoSketch.



David said...

That's great. I like seeing creative uses of FotoSketcher :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing program.
Ever thought about creating a website where FotoSketcher users could upload their work?
I bet it will become a major source of desktop wallpapers.

David said...

Thanks for your comment and suggestion.
I think it's a great idea and I will probably add a user gallery one day.
In the meantime, a user has kindly created a FotoSketcher Flickr group:
I you have a Flickr account you can freely add your creations. I do so myself sometimes ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out Flickr. I have just subscribed and I have uploaded a few of the paintings "I" made with your program. I have yet to figure out how to add them to a group but I guess I will shortly. I would like to point out something about FotoSketecher that perhaps you might find useful. If you go here

look at the picture "Il pettirosso". I like the way it has been rendered, but there is something that gives away its being computer-generated. If you look closely at the base of the tail, you will see there is an almost vertical stroke that goes from the brown tail to the gray windowsill. A real painter could not have an instant change of color on a single stroke.

This is not meant as a criticism of your program, I believe you found excellent algorithms, but perhaps you could use an edge detection technique to define the boundaries of single strokes.

As I said before, yours is an amazing program. As soon as I found out how to create links in Flickr I will certainly point to your webpage. :-)


BabyPAngtuaco said...

I just love your program! I just tried it now and I had fun! I already twitted about it.
Thank you for this.
I also am now a follower!

BabyPAngtuaco said...

I truly enjoyed your program! Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
I am now your follower and not only tweeted this but also stumbled upon it.
Great work David!.

David said...

You are most welcome :-) I'm really glad that you enjoy FotoSketcher!