Thursday, December 9, 2010

FotoSketcher 2.00 early beta available

Hi all,

As promised I have just uploaded an early beta of FotoSketcher 2.00. Here is the download link:

It is still a bit rough around the edges and only supports English and French for the time being. The undo/redo function is also a little bit funny sometimes.

BUT apart from that it is perfectly usable and as far as I know stable.

Now for the goodies! The new features present are:
  • Crop
  • Rotate (in 90° increments, lossless)
  • improved interface (12 skins and flicker-free icons)
  • one-click automatic contrast adjustment (based on histogram stretch and unsharp mask)
  • check for updates
  • automatic saving of window size, position and chosen skin
  • 4 new realistic frames
  • more responsive preview
  • new custom brushes loading for Painting 7 effect
  • new old photo effect (sepia, vignette, old photo texture)
As usual, I would be very grateful if some brave souls were to test this beta version and let me know (either by mail at or on this blog) if they find any bugs.

All the best,



Arnoya Ari said...

I tested the new version, it worked very well.

David said...

Thanks for your feedback Ari ;-)

Unknown said...

Looks real good, David!

Found textures a bit wonky -- Right arrow goes up to 9, click left arrow and you have 10 - 9- 8, etc.

Really like the new frames.

Played with all the 'skins'. Don't do ITunes. So is it common that the close button is on the right as opposed to on the left in all the other skins?

This program just keeps getting better and better. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir David

Je me suis fait un plaisir de télécharger ta nouvelle version mais impossible de l'installer sur mon PC le programme plante à l'exécution.
Mais je vais persévérer!!!

Avec mes amitiés provençales.


David said...

Well spotted Gene. I had never noticed this bug with the texture numbers. As for the iTunes skin, it might be a bit confusing with the close button. I'll put another skin instead.
Thanks for your help :-)

David said...

Bonjour Jean,

Aaargh, c'est bizarre ce plantage... Y-a-t'il un message d'erreur ?

Anonymous said...

Bonjour David

Le message "Foto...a cessé de fonctionner...window recherche une solution....etc..."
La version 1.98 marche très bien mais la 2.00 ne veut rien savoir.

Amitiés aubagnaises.


David said...

I've just uploaded a new beta version (3 MB lighter).
-> Jean : j'espère que cette version fonctionnera mieux

Barry said...

Great fun to play with the new toy.

A few small things:

In cartoon 1, some of the setting have no effect until >150, then they kick-in (edge strength, for eg) (I think it might have been like this for a while).

In the loadable brush strokes, isn't black supposed to be transparent, with opaqueness coming in to 100% with white? - I've found a few jpg brushes of mine that have square boxes all around the brushes - or is it this way while it's painting, and gets 'cleaned-up' after the finish?

Great beta though!

David said...

Hi Barry,

Thanks for testing the beta. Regarding brushes, it's actually the opposite. The white (or very light gray) part of the brush is completely transparent. The darker pixels are more opaque.
Basically, FS compatible brushes need to be black on a white background.

Barry said...

Thanks mate - I forgot that bit, it explains it all!

Anonymous said...

Un grand merci David tout baigne !!! ça marche !!!

Passe un bon WE avec toute mes amitiés


David said...

Excellente nouvelle!
Bon week-end également,

Barry said...

Now that I've fixed my stupidity with negative brushes, here's a sample of the brush loading thingy.

brush -

image -

painting -

It looks better at 4400 than 3200, but you can still see the strokes..

As an aside, David, can you increse the number of strokes allowed to 255 (like the other slider), if you set brush minimum size to 1,2,3,4,5, i feel it's not giving enough strokes, maybe?

I hate to be a pest - could you also change the auto generated save as name to "filename - fotosketcher.jpg" or "filename - .jpg" - it makes it easy to compare pix when you try lots of styles on the one picture.

(This new thing would REALLY benefit from a multi core approach, it's very slow - and that's NOT a complaint, just an observation)

Not found any real bugs yet either.

Peter_BC_Canada said...

Merci David !
Superbe travail!
Je vais tester ta nouvelle mouture plus attentivement bientôt. J'aimerais apporter une suggestion :

- Serait-il possible d'ajouter un outil "zoom" avec un "+" et un "-" (plus-moins) pour agrandir la vignette (thumbnail) dans la fenêtre de pré-visualisation ?

Je travaille avec des images parfois très grandes et il m'est difficile de pré-visualiser l'effet souhaité. Je dois donc le tester et c'est parfois très long.

Merci encore !

David said...

Hi Barry,
Good suggestions! I'll definitely look into them (perhaps not in version 2.00, but maybe in the next one).

Bonjour Peter,
Je vais voir s'il est possible facilement de faire un zoom sur la fenêtre de prévisualisation (tout en conservant un temps de traitement raisonnable). La aussi, ce sera peut-être pour la version 2.1 !

Stargazey said...

Really like Fotosketcher. Just one small request. It would be nice to have a "zoom" button to view the whole image (including frame) to save keep zooming in and out.

David said...

Hi Stargazey,

You're in luck, there are actually 2 ways to view the whole image:
- you can simply double-click on the image to view it in full screen mode
- or you can right-click on the middle magnifying glass icon to best fit it to the panel (each panel can be resized by moving the divider with the mouse)

Barry said...

Ahh - I did find a bug..

Cartoon 1 (at least) with texture setting to medium or strong and about 4 texture right clicks gives NO texture at all in final picture (maybe on other texture setting too, but this is the one I tried and failed on).

David said...

Hi Barry,

Well spotted, thanks!
I've corrected this bug and will soon upload a new beta.

Anonymous said...

Hi David!
I have enjoyed using Fotosketch over the last year. Is there any chance of a version for iPod Touch, iPad etc?

David said...


I have no plans to port FotoSketcher to the iPad (or iPod) for the time being (Windows only).