Saturday, January 1, 2011

For the New Year... FotoSketcher 2.00 finally released

Happy New Year to all!

After months of hard toil FotoSketcher 2.00 is finally available for download (

I am especially endebted to all the users who provided me with feedback, suggestions and encouragement.

And also a very special thank you to the people who translated FotoSketcher: Zdeněk, Date, Ari, Josef, Luca, cienislaw, Andrei and Bela.

What's new in v 2.00:
  • 10 languages in all (English, French, German, Czech, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, Finnish, Russian)
  • Crop source or drawn image
  • Lossless 90° rotation
  • Improved and more responsive interface (12 skins, flicker-free icons, real-time preview of brushstrokes)
  • One-click automatic contrast adjustment
  • Check for updates
  • Automatic saving of language, window size, position and chosen skin
  • 4 new realistic frames
  • New custom brushes loading for Painting 7 effect
  • New vintage photo effect (sepia, vignette, old photo texture)

I hope you'll have fun with the new FotoSketcher :-)

All the best,



Unknown said...

Wishing you & yours the Very best in 2011.

Thank you so much for freely sharing all your hard work and creativity.

Anonymous said...

Bonne Année David avec tout le meilleur des meilleurs !!!

Et encore un immense Merci


David said...

Thanks Gene et merci Jean !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful program with us David. Hope you had a great new year, regards.

Barry said...

Thanks for this mate - it's brilliant!

I've found a great realistic looking charcoal effect.

Take a scenic piccy.
Do a 'pen and ink', with threshold up by about 30 and edge intensity down by about 30.

Now F12

Now do 'oil pastel sketch' (don't worry about the colour) set iterations to 80 odd.

Bingo - it looks like a charcoal smudge drawing!

David said...

Thanks Anonymous ;-)

Barry, that's a very good tip, thanks. I'm actually thinking of adding a kind of macro function in FS (for advanced users) which would enable to chain multiple effects.
Also, I am currently working on a manual brush that you can guide with your mouse to apply any effect where you want on the image (that should please Peter from British Columbia ;-).

Barry said...

A filter chain would be fantastic!

It would need to let you edit the setting for filter one, which you then pass through the 'in-progress' picture to filter two.
(I mean, the chain would not to too great if filter one settings were fixed once you started filter two up in the chain)

A manual brush would be pretty cool too - have you seen MediaChance's Dynamic Auto=Painter (DAP)? This has that, but it's implementation is very loose and scrappy (wanders off a lot).

You're a good man, David, I hope your new Year is good to you!

David said...

Thanks Barry. I am still struggling to find the easiest way to chain different filters. Of course you would have full control on the parameters for each filter.
In the meantime, I'm putting together a small tutorial on how to apply multiple effects using the clipboard and history.

Zakir said...

Hello David

I Have downloaded more Custom brushes
that are in file type .abr that Photoshop uses you cant use them on your program what I did is use abrViewer which is a freeware program you can download then just open the .abr you just downloaded then you can save them as a image file and open them in your program

for your next release it would be good if you can have custom brushes on other effects too and tell people My way of downloading
Custom brushes cause its hard to find them as a image file type

David said...

Thanks for the tip, Zakir :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Here in OTTAWA February is a bit unusual e.g. today's temp is running at about 0 Deg C.

QUESTION: Saving an "in-progress" image.

I especially like the idea that you "more or less" apply fresh paint to an image that I might upsized -- with otherwise poor results as a photo. (You see, I am still paying for my 4 MP Cannon 1G camera .)

Would it make sense to allow the "ESC" funtion to allow "SAVE YOUR IN-PROGRESS IMAGE" -- rather than abandon the image entirely?

You see, my eyes "think" that some of my conversions "peak" re "painterly" look -- before FOTOSKETCH reaches 100%!

I just worry that the "looseness" of the evolving image may get lost in the finishing touches -- touches that I may be able to overlay later in my work flow.

You see, my 18 x 24 images look ALMOST as finished as the photograph at monitor size -- although some of that looseness seems seems to be retained when I mouse-over the 18 x 24.

Mind you, at $15 a copy, I have only printed one piece of "artwork" ! It was well received, but could have been a bit looser.

I'd better stop here !

Many thanks for your efforts. Your e-process makes me feel like an
R-tiste !


Anonymous said...


TWO DOORS down from our house,
my neighbour places "several pot-loads" of flowers on a little old red wagon. As spring moves on to summer,the sunlight and shadows do wonders to illuminate this mini-garden. Then, every year, I drop-off my best 5 x 7 photocard of this "bloomin wagon" !

LAST WEEK, I converted my best 2010 card into a gorgeous brush stroke fotosketch and e-mailed same for comment.

TWO HOURS AGO I received a request 24 by 16 enlargement of same. WHY ? Mother's Day visitors thought that the fotosketch was a painting.

Take a bow David !


David said...

Thanks Arlingtonwoodsman :-)
I'm still working on new ideas to make FotoSketches look even more like real paintings.