Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A fun time waster

As if you didn't waste time enough as it is with FotoSketcher, here is a piece of totally useless fun (crank up your speakers and click on the following image) :

Enjoy ;-)


Unknown said...


David said...


Zakir said...

Hello David

I'm having problem with 2.0 when I finished doing my picture I click on my Modify source image If it need more change's then I want to save it when I do save it then the image on the right saves but I want to save the left one how

David said...

Hi Zakir,

FotoSketcher only allows you to save the image in the right pane, but it's easy to transfer the left image to the right:
just choose the No Effect filter "Frame, texture and text only", deselect all tick boxes and press the Draw! button.
Then you can save the image on the right.

Zakir said...

thanks so much David

Zakir said...

Hi David,

I just wanted to know some of your effects turn out blurry is that how they meant to look.

David said...

Yes, that's perfectly normal.

Anonymous said...

I've only been able to save a picture once. All other attempts gives me the file name I chose, but 0 size. What is wrong?

David said...

Hi Sue,

That's weird... could be a bug. I'll investigate and will get back to you by e-mail.