Sunday, March 20, 2011

New beta available

Photo credit: Sias van Schalkwyk (

A new beta version has been uploaded. You can get it here:

The painting 8 filter has been fine tuned and is close to final.

All the best,



Chris said...

I just wanted to say thanks! Fotosketcher is amazing! The fact that it's free makes it even more amazing! Thanks again!!!

David said...

You're welcome Chris! I'm glad that you like FotoSketcher :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

David said...

Thx :-)

Peter (BC, Canada) said...

Bonjour David,

Thanks for the update! I'm enjoying it very much! Can I offer some suggestions.

When I want to save an images, I choose a folder in a partition drive. Now, when I want to load a custom brush, it's on a different partition and folder. So whenever I do another "painting", I have to "painstakingly" re-open my Painting folder to save it there. If I want to test another custom brush, I have to re-open (and find again) my Custom brush folder, then re-open my saved painting.... well, you know what I mean!

It can be cumbersome to go back and forth between different folders.

My suggestions:
Would it be possible to save the painting in the "last saved folder.", and being detached from the Custom brush folder? And the same with the Custom brush folder, to always go back there to open or save another brush, independent from the image itself?

I hope it is clear in your mind!

Thanks for considering these suggestions... and have a nice day!


David said...

Hi Peter,

Yes, it's very clear to me, as I test lots of different brushes and I don't have them in the same folder as my test images.
Here is a workaround: don't open your test images using the folder icon (or CTRL-O), but drag and drop them from a folder to the left pane of FotoSketcher (that will not change the internal path for when you load custom brushes). Hope this works for you before I look into a more elegant solution.

Barry said...

Hi, mate.

I found a small issue with the new brushstroke theme:

"Brushstroke Precision" (0 - 100) is precise on 0 and loose on 100 yet
"Level of Details" (0 - 100) is low detail on 0 and high on 100.

It seems that "Brushstroke Precision" is back-to-front (100 should be max precision).

Only a small thing, I know.

Barry said...

Oops - Level of Detail is 0 - 255, not 0 - 100, sorry.

David said...

Hi Barry,

Thanks for your feedback.
I've been tweaking that part. It's not that "Brushstroke Precision" is back-to-front, but it depends heavily on the number of brushstrokes. If you have a low number of brushstrokes but push "Brushstroke Precision" to maximum, then the algorithm degrades and it appears that you are indeed loosing precision... Not intuitive!
I've tried to correct that in the latest beta I've just uploaded, if you want to test again.

Barry said...

That's nice now - when i set one at 50/100 and move the other up and down it reacts how I'd expect (and visa versa - set second at 128/255, and move the first one)

This is coming along VERY nicely!

Here's something for you to try - load a large-ish picture (I used a 3000 x 2000), and then the new painter theme, THEN set the custom brush to be the original loaded picture - a picture painted with itself, so to speak..

It turns out relly good, depending on the picture - fun too!

David said...

Thank you for the tip, Barry! If you want an even more painterly look, you can run the filter twice (press F12 after the first run to use the drawing as source).
I suggest you try on slightly smaller images, as the algorithm takes some time!
BTW, I will probably post a new beta soon (I have optimized the code a bit more).

David said...

New beta version just uploaded.
Peter from British Columbia, if you're reading this, I have listened to your suggestion ;-)

Terry-Anne said...

Thanks, just heard of this. Happily going to give it a try!

Peter (BC) said...

Présent mon commandant ! :-)

I try to come once or twice a week, just to see if you've added any new "painting tool"!

Can I make another suggestion:
Would it be possible to add a version number to your Beta?
I have downloaded a few Beta version over the months, and I have to look at the download date to make sure I'm using your most latest one. It could be something as simple as: "FotoSketcher_beta_211.exe"

Thanks again... et continue ton excellent boulot... ton travail m'impressionne grandement !

James said...

While downloading this beta, I noticed the download speed is less than a kilobyte, there seem to be no problems with my internet connection. Perhaps it's server side?

Please fix, thanks :)

David said...

Hi James,

The download works fine from here. Probably a peering problem between telecom operators...
Here's an alternate download link: FotoSketcher Beta

I hope this helps.

Zakir said...

Hi David

Add more effects I like the The painting 8 effect

you program is simple to use and your layer tooo is goood

Anonymous said...

Привет, Давид !
Программа супер !
Можно ли добавить свои фреймы ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, David !
How do I can add new frame ?

David said...

Спасибо :-)
Unfortunately, FotoSketcher does not support custom frames. Only the ones inside the program are available.

Anonymous said...

First, I thank you for this famous software offered so nicely and salute your genius.

I often come to download the latest version of your software. Whenever I install it, I have to reconfigure my settings for some paint because I can retrieve the settings from the previous version. They are not recognized by the new version. Would it be possible to solve this problem?

Again, thank you for this wonderful software.


Note : I only speak French, this is a Google translation. I hope this is understandable.

David said...

Bonjour Nicole,

Tout d'abord merci pour votre message. Comme je suis français, je vais vous répondre dans la langue de Molière :-)
Pour ce qui concerne les sauvegardes de paramètres, je vais regarder cela. Le problème est que j'ajoute à chaque nouvelle version de nouveaux effets et cela modifie le format des fichiers de sauvegarde. Je vais voir s'il est possible de faire une compatibilité ascendante (pour que vous puissiez utiliser par exemple des paramètres de la V 2.00 dans la future 2.10).



voxa said...

Спаибо.программа легка и доступна

David said...

Спасибо. Я рад, что Вы хотели FotoSketcher :-)