Saturday, September 3, 2011

New version 2.20 officially released

Hi all,

FotoSketcher 2.20 is now officially released and can be downloaded here:

What's new in 2.20:
  • Pen & Ink 2 effect
  • Manual brush to apply any effect to selected parts of the image
  • Drag & drop (of image files) to the batch mode window
  • 2 new languages (Greek and Latvian) - thanks Aris and Raufs!
  • various bugfixes
The new Pen & Ink 2 effect uses an algorithm which mixes edge detection, global and local contrast balancing and despeckle.

Here is an example (original photo credit Martin Schoeller):

Have fun ;-)



Anonymous said...

Thank you.

David said...

You're welcome,Lynda. Thank you for your comment :-)

Tinisek said...

Thanks for a great free program. Greetings from the Czech Republic.

David said...

Děkuji vám, Tina ;-)

Eva Mari said...

It is even better, - don't know how to thank you, David! I have posted about the new version:

Best regards from Eva Mari in Norway :)

David said...

Thank you Eva Mari :-) I've read your blog and I love the examples you posted!

Eva Mari said...

Thank you so much again, David. The new manual brush is VERY addictive!
If you want to use any of the images I posted on my blog do feel free.

Best regards from Eva Mari :)

Merv said...

Thank you for the surprise addition of the pen & ink 2 effect, which saves me enormous time trying to achieve similar results with Photoshop, etc.....only the results with Fotosketcher are much better!! Your manual brush feature enables us to take the art effects to a whole new level. Many thanks for your sterling efforts.

Question: Is there a way to set the vertical separator bar at a user defined position? Priority for me a 7/10 (Low).

David said...

Thanx Eva Mari and Merv.
There is no way to save the position of the vertical separator bar as yet, but it's easy to add. I'll do that in the next release.

Srikanth said...

Thank you for the wonderful software. First time I came to knows this,I like all the effects especially pen and ink

David said...

You're welcome, Srikanth. I'm glad that you like FotoSketcher :-)

Peter (BC, Canada) said...

Thanks again David for an excellent update! Keep on using your creativity, the world needs people like you.. ;-)

PS: And, please continue deciphering the "Impasto" effect. One of these days, you'll get it! Salutations...

David said...

Merci, Peter :-) Still working on ideas for an Impasto effect!

Henag said...

Thanks you so much for great contributing David!

But I have a small question for you regarding with this official release V2.2. I am not sure why after installing I can't move its window around it seems get stuck at the upper left corner of my monitor and covers its menu bar and minimize/maximize/close icons???

With the V2.2 beta it is okay to drag its window anywhere on monitor but not this why??

Is that the way it should be?? If not how to fix that problem?

Thanks in advance!

Henag said...

Hello David,

Never mind about the problem I posted
before this. As I changed installing from Program Files(X86)to Program Files and it works perfectly.
So wonderful/easy software to use I have ever known.
Have a nice day!

David said...

Hi Henag,

I suspect your problem came from some corrupted parameters in the file fotosketcher.ini (which resides in the directory where FotoSketcher is installed). By installing elsewhere you simply started with a clean fotosketcher.ini file.
I you ever have the problem again, just delete the ini file and a new one will be created again.

Henag said...

No more problem at all David, I will follow your instruction in case of problem but it is so perfect now!
Merci beaucoup.......

Anonymous said...


thank you very much for creating such a useful piece of software :) I have a bit of a beast of a computer (4C/8T) so I was wondering if there was a pay to upgrade function to make use of all of the cores/threads. I would definitely like that, even if it cost me 5€.

Merci beaucoup,


David said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, FotoSketcher only runs on one core at a time for now. I need to work on that. In the meantime, you could run multiple instances of FotoSketcher (on different images of course) to take advantage of the power of your PC.

Anonymous said...

I really like fotosketcher, but I have one problem with it. It would be nice to get the same effect from a hi res image as with a low res image. The effects achieved for an image, say 11x14 is no different than with the original image. But the effects on a 4x6 image are great. I want to create large print effect with this and I can't.

David said...

Unfortunately it is very difficult to create an effect which would look the same at different image sizes. For instance, if you use the Painting 8 effect (expressive brushtrokes), then all the brushstrokes have the same length. If you have a small image to work with (lets say 400x300 pixels) then the brushtrokes will be very apparent. If you run the same effect with the same parameters on a larger image (lets say 4000x3000 pixels) then of course the brushstrokes will appear much smaller compared to the size of the image's features and the result will look different.

Zakir said...

When is the next beta out and what should we expect new effects like that

David said...

Hi Zakir,

I am currently experimenting with multiplatform development (PC + Mac + Ipad) and it is taking a lot of my time. I need to rewrite the whole interface of FotoSketcher, so unfortunately I don't have too much leasure to play with new effects right now. I am also writing a help/tutorial file which has been long needed.