Friday, December 30, 2011

New shattered glass effect

Hi all,

Just a quick word to let you know that I am also experimenting with a simple effect that I will probably call "shattered glass" or something similar.

Here is an early example (click on image to view in full size):

Best regards,



Arnoya Ari said...

Bonjour, David. Merci pour la dernière année, j'ai été un peu paresseux dans le traitement de l'image parce que cette année j'ai fait mes propres sculptures.
Je vous souhaite une année très enrichissante nouvelle 2012!

David said...

Merci Ari et meilleurs vœux pour 2012 :-)

Pierre (BC, Canada) said...

Salut David,

Quel bel effet ! (Let me switch in English... for your "vast" audience!)

In fact, if you just smooth out the edge, this effect could look like an oil painting effect.

Now, if you could "just" add a depthness to the edge, and light direction (up-down-left-right), it could go into the "Impasto" effect!

Do you remember Impasto, from 2011? I'm sure you will get it to us for 2012 ;-)

Je te souhaite une super belle Année 2012... bien au-delà du 21 décembre :-D


Lynn said...

I would like to download your software, am excited to try it, but am concerned that ads pop up on your site even before I download. Are you sure there is no adware attached? Also my computer's security system gives me a warning that "this publisher isn't verified". Please advise. Have other users had these issues?

YTQ said...

I just love your software!
I have recommended it to a number of my friends. Anxiously waiting for the next updated version.

David said...

Hi Pierre,
I'll certainly try to make this impasto effect before the end of the world, lol!

Lynn, even though there are ads on my website (though I have not seen any popups myself), you are safe if you download from one of the links that I provided. You can verify the trustworthiness of a website with the Web Of Trust site (

David said...

Thank you, YTQ. Working on version 2.25 right now :-)

Pierre (BC) said...

@ Lynn:

I have downloaded almost all versions of David's software, and never had any problem with ads, malware or viruses.

For all the years I've been playing with Fotosketcher, I trust David much more than a warning from the Web! :D

Have fun with it!

Zakir said...

hi David

I love the new effect shattered glass

cant wait to download it soon keep up the good work

David said...

Hi Zakir,

Thanks and Happy New Year to you!
I should have a beta version ready soon... I'll write a new post with the download link in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank you.

David said...

Thanks Lynda. In the meantime I've modified the effect to allow for a more abstract look. You can see the result here:

Pierre said...

Bonjour David,

I just saw your new test. It's really beautiful. Especially the way the background is more subtle and softer, while the tree remains in full focus. I truly like it!
I surely hope this effect will be in your new update.

1) Could you make it so that we can "paint" with it by choosing any type of brushes?
2) Would it be possible to have painting brushes that can do something similar, but with a more "painting" effect? I mean that instead of having a broken glass effect, to have brush strokes.

David said...

Hi Pierre,

Yes, the new effect will be in the next release. I'm optimising it and integrating it in the interface. A beta should available by this week-end.
As for custom brushes, the code is not designed to support them. I will look into it, but that will probably be in a later release.

Zeana said...

I just love your program but the latest releases have been excellent. Seeing this shattered glass effect is beautiful!!!

You are so kind and generous.

Thank you - Merci!

David said...

Thank you for your comment, Zeana. I'm glad that you like FotoSketcher :-)