Saturday, December 24, 2011

Season's greetings!

Hi all,

I was hoping to release a new version of FotoSketcher in time for Christmas, but unfortunately I am running behind. My experiments with a new algorithm did not produce good enough results for me to include a new filter in FotoSketcher. I might even have to abandon the ideas I've been working on lately and start on new ones (no worries, I have lots of new ideas, one of them might even produce something nice, lol).

In the meantime, here is the result of one of my latest experiments (based on a picture of young Sean Connery):

I wish you all happy holidays!

All the best,



Unknown said...

All your hard work is greatly appreciated Dave. May you & Yours have a great Christmas. Or as we say in Quebec, Joyeux Noël!

Pierre (BC) said...

Salut David,

Pretty nice pencil effect indeed!
Maybe you'll give us something for the New Year!

Have a nice Holiday vacation!

Merv said...

Appreciate all your efforts....including keeping us updated, Dave. Take a well deserved break, recharge the batteries and take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of Christmas.

Wishing you the Very Best!

David said...

Dear Gene, Pierre and Merv,

Thank you for your nice comments and "Joyeux Noël" to you all :-)

Orontes H. Solís said...

FotoSketcher 2.20 est un bel outil
pour ceux qui aiment ou de travailler dans les arts graphiques.

Il n'ya rien qui peut se comparer à cette application.

Merci, Monsieur Thoiron, pour sa bonne volonté et
enthousiasme dans leur développement.

Avez-vous le mieux du monde maintenant et pour l'année 2012!

Orontes H. Solís

David said...

Merci beaucoup et bonne année 2012 à vous aussi !