Monday, January 23, 2012

FotoSketcher 2.25 Release Candidate

Hi all!

I have just uploaded a close to final version 2.25 here:

If no showstopping bug is found, I will officially release version 2.25 in the next few days. The main changes are the new Emergence effect, two new languages (Hungarian - thanks Zityisoft and Turkish - thanks U. UĞUR), a few cosmetic improvements and some behind the scenes changes.

Here is an example of the new Emergence stylized effect (click on image for full view):

And here are the parameters I used:

Best regards,



greywulf said...

Happy to report it's working fine :)

David said...

That's great news, thanks!

Pierre (BC, Canada) said...

Hi David,

The new release seems to be working quite well on my side. No error message... so far, so good!

Also, as a suggestion (which I already made :-)) don't forget to identify your beta release with a specific ID number. E.g. FotoSketcher_beta_225.exe or

Thanks and have a nice day!

David said...

Thank you for your feeback, Pierre. The ugly bug seems to be gone!

Anonymous said...

Nice indeed. Thanks for showing the parameters. Lynda

David said...

Thanks, Lynda. For once I did remember to save the parameters :-)