Friday, June 29, 2012

New video tutorial - how to apply multiple effects

Hi all,

First some quick news :
  • I am currently working on porting FotoSketcher to the Mac and should be able to upload an early test version soon
  • On Windows XP, some users have reported that version 2.30 gives an error message ('débordement d'entier', which means 'Integer overflow'). I have been unable to reproduce this error.
  • Fortunately, the error message does not seem to prevent FotoSketcher from working normally
  • In case you have problems, I have left version 2.25 available on
I have also uploaded a new video tutorial, showing how to apply multiple effects on an image, using the manual brush and some creative use of the clipboard and undo/redo.
Here is the video (opens in a new window): 

Best regards,



Anonymous said...

Downloaded the video. It is quite helpful. Thank you. Lynda

David said...

Thank you, Lynda. I'm glad it was helpful :-)

Pierre (BC, Canada) said...

Bravo David !

Excellent tutorial. It showed me a few tricks I didn't know about.

Keep them up!

David said...

Thanks, Pierre. I have a few tips I'll soon list in another post (like right-clicking on the magnifying glasses or double-clicking on the name of the parameters like darken/lighten for instance...).

jph said...

Bonjour et merci pour ce super tuto.

Je faisais un peu près de même sous PS mais cela est plus simple . . .

Mais puisque vous êtes dans les tutos : un petit quelque chose sur les pinceaux perso sera plus que appréciable d’autant que tous mes essais étaient pires que l’original !
Bravo et Merci encore pour ce top Soft

David said...

Merci JPH. Pour les pinceaux, il est vrai que les résultats varient beaucoup selon l'image utilisée.