Sunday, June 2, 2013

FotoSketcher 2.45 beta available


FotoSketcher 2.45 is almost ready. I just need to test it thoroughly before releasing it. If you want to try it for yourself (and don't hesitate to let me know if you find any lingering bugs), here is a stable beta version:

What's new:
- improved brushstrokes placement in Painting 7 effect to give a more painterly effect.
- added a new stylised effect called Emergence 2, based on calculating an approximation of the source image using shaded triangles. The result is different from Emergence and can look a bit like knife painting. 
- solved a bug in the custom brush code used for Painting 7 and 8 effects. Any image can be used as a brushtroke template (must be dark pixels on a white background)

Here are some digital paintings made with FotoSketcher 2.45:

Painting 7 with new algorithm
Original photo credit Pierre Hanquin:

Emergence 2
Original photo credit:

Have fun with this new version of FotoSketcher :-)




Eva Mari said...

I tried it asap of course! Thank you so much again! I really like the new emerg' as well as the old and very interesting nuances in brushstrokes 7.

Best regards from Eva Mari :)

David said...

Thank you for your nice comment, Eva Mari :-)

Anonymous said...

Very Cool David

Bob Mc

David said...

Thanks, Bob. I'm currently ironing out a few small bugs in the script engine and will soon be ready to release V 2.45.

Peter (BC, Canada) said...

Salut David,

I just tried version 2.45_RC1. Here's what I did:
1. I opened a picture (5Mb pixels).
2. I applied some effects with the Painting 7 tool.
All was fine up to that point.
3. I copied the image and pasted it in the Source field.
4. I tried to adjust the picture (Saturation-Brightness-Contrast).

As soon as I click OK, the software froze.

I'll try it with a smaller image to see if I can replicate the same thing.

Peter (BC) said...

Second try is conclusive. No problem. I'll play with it more later...

Thanks for a great tool, that is becoming even greater!

David said...

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your feedback. Sometimes, modifying the source image can be slow, especially if you combine multiple adjustments like you did.
BTW, I have just uploaded a new beta version (RC2), which solves the script problems. The download link is updated in the post above.