Sunday, October 13, 2013

FotoSketcher 2.60 Beta available for testing **updated**

** Post updated on 10/22/2013** Updates appear in red.

Hi all,

A new version of FotoSketcher is now available for testing. FotoSketcher 2.60 beta 2 can be downloaded here:

The main changes are:
- a new Painting 1 effect (which replaces the previous one)
- a new 'brushstrokes' frame (with preview and 'in progress' icon)
- a few bug fixes and interface improvements (solved the filename bug when dragging and dropping an image, modified the naming convention to MyPhoto_FotoSketcher.jpg, solved a transparency bug with png files, added a CTRL+S keyboard shortcut when an image is being processed to save an intermediate result)

Here is an example of the new Painting 1 effect (click on picture for full view):
source image credit:

 and the parameters used:

There are still a few things that need to be polished, but you should be able to test version 2.60 with no problems.
Have fun!

All the best,



Casey said...

Something else - I don't know if it's a new bug or old one that got missed:

Saving an image uses the input file name (great idea) with your name-header.

if you drag and drop a new image and work it and save it it still saves with the previous filename, not the dropped filename.

A fractal, painted with your settings..

David said...

Hi Casey,

Thank you for your feedback. I'll check that and will also polish the new brushstrokes frame (sorry I could not publish your previous comment, but the linked image - although artistic - was a bit NSFW).

Anonymous said...


Just testing v2.60 and so far it works great!

I love the "Test" that just for beta versions or is that going to be a new feature?

Thanks - Ma[x]2

David said...

Hi Ma[x]2,

Glad that v2.60 is working well :-) The test button is actually only used by me to try out new algorithms, ideas, parameters, etc... It will not be in the final release.

Andre B. said...

Amazing work that you share with us. I use FS in a lot of my 3D renderings for my assignments in Architecture School! Thanks again!! Cheers from a fellow brazilian almost-an-architect, haha.

David said...

Thanks, Andre! Happy that you find FS useful :-)