Friday, April 18, 2014

FotoSketcher 2.80 is released. 100% free as always.

Hi all,

FotoSketcher 2.80 has been available for a few days and as usual is 100% free, even for commercial work.

To download, go to the following page and click on either "FotoSketcher full version" (with full install) or "FotoSketcher portable version" (to use anywhere with no setup) depending on which version you want.

Version 2.80 adds various improvements:
  • A brand new photo to sketch effect (which replaces the old pencil sketch 4 effect)
  • A revamped Automatic contrast and sharpening function (CTRL+A) with added "vibrance"
  • An improved "Vivify photo" effect
  • Some bug fixes (I'm aware there are some left :)

Here is an example of the new photo to sketch effect (mixed with Painting 7):

original photo credits:

Should you wish to still use the old Pencil Sketch 4 effect, I have left the previous version of FotoSketcher (2.75) available on my website (




Casey said...

I hate to be someone who only posts bugs..but I found another.

It happens if you have a long effect happening and you hit the [x] close button.

It's repeatable but very bypassable - just stop the effect then hit close.

It's not really a bug, it's more of a case of the user not doing the right thing.


By the way... thanks for the full 2.80, that new style 4 is pretty neat!

David said...

Hi Casey,
Thanks for the info. Does this happen with any effect?
I did find a similar bug when I first released version 2.80, but I promptly modified the executable and the one which is live now is more robust. Can you download again just in case?

Casey said...

All fixed now - I must have grabbed the 2.80 version as soon as you uploaded it..


Many thanks!

I tried it with many effects, even made up a really long-time one and just whacked the [x] button, trying to force an error.
All worked out fine!

David said...

That's good news! Thanks for your input.