Sunday, August 24, 2014

FotoSketcher 2.95 early beta available for testing ***updated beta #2 available***


I've just uploaded an early preview of FotoSketcher 2.95.

There are a few cosmetic adjustments, some tweaks (e.g. to the Painting 9 effect), a new check box to double the size of the manual brush (useful on large pictures) and a couple of bug fixes.

The most important bug fix concerns Windows Vista users who were sometimes getting a cryptic error message in French "Index de liste hors limite (-1)".

Here is the download link if you are brave enough to test this early beta version:

Here is a painting made from a photo of my hometown, Lyon (or Lyons in English):

Best regards,



Anonymous said...

Hello David,

Tried out 2.95 beta 1. No errors, but I tried it using approximately the same parameters for painting 9 (watercolor) as in version 2.90 (15,127,25,127,25). The result looked completely different and there was a lot of shaking toward the end of the process. It almost seemed to make to changes to the original.

Great program, love it.



Anonymous said...

Bravo pour cet excellent logiciel qui bonifie toujours un peu plus :)
Très efficace, et qui s'aligne sans problème avec d'autres solutions d'un coût sans comparaison !
Cordialement tym!

David said...

@Kempton: Thanks for your feedback. I'm still adjusting Painting 9, and I will tweak some more so that if you use the same parameters as in 2.90 you get similar results (or at least not be too different).
@Tym: un grand merci!