Sunday, September 7, 2014

FotoSketcher 2.96 beta available - bug fix and more *** updated ***

Hi all,

Some users have reported a visual bug in version 2.95 (the skinned menus would flicker a lot).
I have completely rewritten all menus and the problem is now hopefully gone.
If you were experiencing the visual glitch in 2.95, here is a beta version for you to try:

Can you let me know if it works OK for you?

*** 8th september update *** beta2 is available (link above is updated) which solves a few cosmetic problems, and also adds a new "X 2" button for Painting 7 (brushstrokes), which doubles the maximum brush size. This is useful for large images to retain a painterly look. Beware, this can be computer-intensive!


Best regards,



Casey said...

Working fine now within the menus.

When you first click the menu button (e.g. edit) there is a flicker as the menu "rolls out" - there seems to be a delay between the click and the menu appearing.

There is a slight delay of about 1/5 to 1/4 second when you move from menu to menu (same "roll out" effect happening)

E.g. Moving from edit to help.

What happens is that you can see the background menu buttons (the back and forward arrows) flick in and out again in between the two menu appearances.

This is NOT a complaint or bug report, just writing it down as a report only.

it's vastly better than the 195 version - that flicker was quite annoying.

However - if, and I stress IF (meaning: it's so little an issue that you don't want to waste time hunting for the answer) -- IF there is a delay setting for the menu appearance, can it be lowered a bit to make a more responsive appearance?

It feels so odd, complaining about a free and wonderful program.. but, still, you do need bug reports..

David said...

Hi Casey,

Thx for your feedback. I think you will now find the delay to be gone in beta2.



Casey said...


Works beautifully.

Good idea on the brush size thing - some of my pix are 5000 x 4000 and up.

David said...

That's good news, thanks!
I am now ready to release v2.96 :)