Saturday, October 11, 2014

FotoSketcher 2.99 is officially released :-)

Hi all!

FotoSketcher 2.99 is now officially available for download. As always, FotoSketcher is 100% free for personal or commercial use.

Head to to get either the full version (with setup and uninstall) or the portable version.

Here are the main changes in this release:
- addition of a new zoom function for the preview window, which allows you to test an effect on a larger portion of your source image
- correction of a few bugs, most importantly the impossibility in the text tool to add the letters "r" or "l"
- some user interface improvements
original photo credits: viljack yan (

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Casey said...

That zoom is VERY nice!

Can I make a teeny request?

When you close and later on re-open the painting box, the zoom resets to maximum - is it possible to have it "remember" the setting you left it at?

I also found a neat bug.. or Easter egg..??

When you use the file open box to open an image, if you right click on the file you get the normal windows right-click menu BUT it's themed by Fotosketcher!

Damn cool, mate! Weird, but coooooool..

Here's a piccy - Alnwinton (small northern UK town)

David said...

Hi Casey,

Thanks a lot for your comment (very nice piccy BTW).
I'm glad that you like the new zoom function and I'll see if I can keep the current zoom level. At present, it should only revert to 100% when opening a new picture (or pasting from the clipboard or swapping images).
As for the right-click menu being skinned, that's just a cool side effect of some changes I made to the user interface. I had not even noticed, LOL.

TYMONZ said...

By the New Year waiting for version 3.0 :-)

David said...

Yes, that would look nice wouldn't it? FotoSketcher v3.00 with a new spectacular effect for the New year ;-)
Working on it... but early days yet.

Zakir said...


As people are incresingly using tablets, smartphones and phablets that are on APPLE IOS and GOOGLE ANDROID it will be best to have an app for it.

I know you have said due to copyright or something you can't bring the program as an app on APPLE IOS OR GOOGLE ANDROID.

please have a way round this we need this to be on APPLE IOS AND GOOGLE ANDROID I won't mind paying for the app.

David said...

Hi Zakir,

I'm afraid there is no way round an agreement I have made, which means FotoSketcher is and will remain Windows only. However, if you use a Windows 8 tablet (not Windows RT of course), then FotoSketcher should work fine on it.



Peter (BC, Canada) said...

Hi David,

Akvis has a new "Charcoal" filter to transform a picture into a charcoal drawing. (

Is it something feasible on your side for a new effect on Fotosketcher?

Thanks, and keep up the creativity juice flowing!

Unknown said...

Don't know if it's just my imagination, but the program now seems to run faster than before. In any event, I really enjoy this program. One request. Can you create an .8bf plugin for this program? It would open up so many more possibilities (for me anyway)
Thanks for the great program!

Zakir said...


can you get it on Firefox OS then

David said...

I have indeed tried to make FotoSketcher a bit faster and more fluid, but it is still quite slow if you use large images with some of the more computer intensive effects.
I did look in the past at creating a plugin for PhotoShop, but abandoned the idea as it was a bit complicated with my development environment (and I'd rather invest my time in creating new effects, it's more fun!).
To Zakir: FotoSketcher will remain Windows only. Sorry, no exceptions.

Linda said...

Hi... can't download the Portable version... keep getting 502 bad gateway errors... didn't know if you were aware of this...


David said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't aware of this problem. Here is an alternative download link for the portable version: