Friday, March 6, 2015

FotoSketcher 3.00 Release Candidate


FotoSketcher 3.00 is finally almost ready to be released officially. You can download a stable beta version here:

Here are the main changes :
- New Painting 10 (brushstrokes) effect
- New "invert colors" function (in the Edit menu or CTRL+I shortcut)
- Improved Painting 4 responsiveness
- Cosmetic changes to the user interface (especially when the program is maximized)

Example of the new Painting 10 effect (click on picture to view full size):
Original photo credit: Vincent MARTIN

As usual, I welcome your feedback :-)

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Peter, BC said...

Cool! A new toy to play with! :-)

David said...


Casey said...

Oh wow - invert colours!!

Now we don't have to do it before hand and after.

Can it work on the output image AND the input?


input image - invert - painting (x) - invert - save ??

Casey said...

Yes - you can invert both input and output - BRILLIANT, mate!

A sample for you:

Painting 10 - from input image:

Painting 10 - input inverted, painted, inverted again.

(yes, same image.. I use it as a tester for new styles on painting programs)

Tell you what - check out that flower and grass work in the foreground of the second image.
You've done a damn fine job with Painting10!!

David said...

Hi Casey,
Thank you for your nice comment. The invert trick works very well with Painting 10, that was a great suggestion! And the photo looks very good.
Fun fact: I know Arundel quite well (I used to have summer jobs in Bognor when I was young).

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your program. I tried to save some parameters for an effect I had adjusted. When I went back to load the parameters I go the emergence effect. Not what I had tried to save. Just an fyi. I may have messed up. but I sure thought I was saving it correctly. Again LOVE the program!!!

David said...

Thanks, anon. Not sure why you ended up on the emergence effect. I ran some tests and could not reproduce. Weird :-)