Saturday, August 29, 2015

For 64-bit Windows users

Hi all,

If you have a 64-bit version of Windows, you might want to download the new 64-bit portable version of FotoSketcher (available here: or here:

Processing speed is roughly the same as with the normal 32-bit version of FotoSketcher, but much larger images can be used without encountering 'out of memory' errors.

I have successfully tested with a 12 000 x 8 000 pixels source image at 300 dpi. Rendering was pretty slow though ;-)

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any problems with this 64-bit version.

All the best,



Casey said...

I'm unsure if this is a new bug or an old one not noticed:

Painting 1 - the contrast slider seem to do nothing or the change is too subtle.
Painting 1 - edge intensity slider works beautifully until about 128-130 then everything goes dark (too much edge intensity after that point?)

It's not a thing to urgently fix and make a 3.21 version, but can you check it for when you intend to produce a new version?

Thanks, otehr than that 3.20 seem OK - very nice, in fact.

David said...

Hi Casey,

Are you talking about Painting 1 (watercolor)? There is no contrast slider on this effect.
I tried other painting effects, but could not replicate the problems you mention. Could you send me a screenshot?



Casey said...

* blush *

Pencil 1 - sorry.. and a lot of playing about indicates that it's VERY image dependant - most have it work normally, some with a very wide range of contrast (such as dark inside a windmill with sunny outside) gives the odd event.

It's not a bug... sorry..

* hides behind sofa *

David said...

ha ha, no problem at all. I'm just relieved it's not a new bug :-)

Anonymous said...

Very fine job. It works fine in Linux Wine. Maybe it will be developped for Linux.