Sunday, January 29, 2017

Beta version of FotoSketcher 3.30 available

Hi all,

A stable beta version of FotoSketcher 3.30 is now available for download here: version 3.30 is now officially released

Just download anywhere on your PC, unzip the file and run!

Here are the new features in v3.30:
- user interface improvements:
         . cleaner splash screen
         . better window management (when the application is maximized)
         . new simpler panel backgrounds
         . more legible text for high dpi screens
         . skinned dialog windows

- new draggable cursor to interrupt an effect at x% (useful for some effects where the result can be interesting before reaching 100%)
- possibility to load your own brushes for Painting 10 (in transparent .png format) and render with twice larger brushstrokes
- new abstract effect (great for desktop wallpapers or phone and tablet backgrounds)
- option to save the effect number and parameters used in the filename (e.g. "FotoSketcher_Image1_Painting10 (brushtrokes)_50_50_50_130_130_130.png". To enable this function, either manually edit the fotosketcher.ini file (change the last line from False to True) or while in FotoSketcher, press the 'END' key.

After extensive testing, I believe this beta version to be stable, but I welcome your feedback, should you find any bug.

Have fun :)

best regards,



Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup pour votre logiciel, ce qu'on peut créer avec est fantastique!

Bonne année un peu en retard à vous aussi...


David said...

Merci, Isabelle :)

Peter Deane said...

This is great news, I've been using your program for several years now mainly for meme-making and thus are a heavy user of the Sketching and Cartooning sections.

I'll get around to sending you that coffee you want now the new version has been a timely reminder.

My most desired new enhancement - you know what it is don't you - transparent images. Many of my inputs are cutout PNGs (GIFs would be 100% fine) and I often need to cut them out again after using Foto-sketcher.

I've tried a lot of cartooning programs, and Foto_Sketcher is the best by a long shot!

David said...

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your nice comment. As you know, FotoSketcher does not support the alpha channel, but this is something I'm looking into for future effects.

Best regards,