Saturday, November 10, 2018

FotoSketcher 3.40 beta 3 available **updated**

Hi all,

Curious and adventurous souls, trend setters and hipsters, cutting edge and impatient testers, here at long last is an available beta for FotoSketcher version 3.40:

There are still a few minor tweaks and optimizations that I'm working on, but you should be able to enjoy the new Painting 2 effect (which replaces the outdated bilateral filter).

Here is an example of this new effect (click on image to see full size):

Small caveat: at present, the preview image is a bit different to the finished result, so I still need to work on that. Better now as of beta #3.

Also, a new translation in Slovenian was kindly done by user Jadran Rudec. A warm thank you to him for helping FotoSketcher become even more international!

As always, don't hesitate to let me know if you find any bugs in this beta version, so I can iron them out before the official release.

Best regards and have fun!



Riccardo said...

Interesting new filter. Works very well on smaller files, but with larger files (at least with the smaller brush length) it leads to a very pointillist effect, instead of scaling up like most other filters do.

David said...

Hi Riccardo, thank you very much for your feedback. This scaling up problem in beta1 is indeed annoying, but beta2 will solve this pretty soon. I've corrected the stroke length issue to avoid the pointillist aspect and have also added an underpaint layer to cover the whole image and not leave empty white spots. Beta2 is almost ready as of 12th november and I will update this blog post when it is available for download.

Unknown said...

Once I scaled down the image, the new effect looked great. I think you could even use the current "pointillist" result as an idea for a new "Seurat" filter.

David said...

Thanks for testing :)
Yes, I have the "impression" that you're onto something ;)
With a bit of luck I can make this new effect quite versatile, from pointillism to more traditional oil painting.