Sunday, March 8, 2020

FotoSketcher 3.50 beta available for testing *** updated 15th March ***

Hi all,

I've just uploaded a new beta version of FotoSketcher 3.50. You can download it here:

The new Painting 4 effect now supports manual brushes. The format for these brushes can be any transparent black & white .png file and for best results should be as rectangular and filled as possible.

Here is an example brush which can be used:

And here is an example made with the new effect (source photo taken yesterday in the French Alps):

The new algorithm is quite computer intensive and still requires some optimizing, so you will need to be patient to get good results :)

Have fun!



Unknown said...

Hi, I am a strong follower of fotosketcher from years ago. It is a lovely tool and I thank you a lot for all your effort in creating it... I have a little request, I hope it is possible... ¿is there a way to force the "random seed" in the effects with brushes? I could use a command line or manually change something in the .fsk if it is necessary... I want to make painted animations and I hope this way the flicker is a little stabilized... thanks a lot in advance.

David said...

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, FotoSketcher does not support temporal consistency and the random seed is already set to a fixed value internally. This is mainly to get identical results every time you run an effect on the same source image with the same parameters. The problem with video is that each frame will be slightly different from the previous one and even with a set random seed the effect will give different brush placements, hence the flickering.
Best regards,

Nkrikamo said...

Thanks a lot for your response!

Mark Trusz said...

Hi David, thank you very much for the update. I'm having a lot of fun making brushes and experimenting.