Saturday, July 11, 2020

FotoSketcher 3.60 is officially released

Hi all,

FotoSketcher 3.60 is now available for download from

Change log for version 3.60:

- UI/UX improvements (new splash screen, new material design icons in menus, for both light and dark themes, support for the keyboard right and left keys in the parameters window).

- better brushstroke placement in the Painting 4 algorithm.

- support for High Definition export in Painting 4 (up to 20,000x20,000 pixels).

- possibility of loading and optimizing multiple custom brushes in Painting 4.

- saving of Painting 4 custom brushes in a .fsk parameters file.

- support for a different background color in the Oil Pastel sketch and Painting 4 effects.

- Speed improvement for Pencil Sketch 1.

- bug fix in Painting 7.

- new tool available to reset the .ini file if FotoSketcher crashes on startup.

Should you get an error message at startup, this could be due to a corruption in the FotoSketcher.ini file. Here is a tool which will delete and reset the .ini file automatically:

Have fun!



Carol in Texas said...

Thank you, David! Love your program!

David said...

Thanks, Carol :)

Don Drews said...

Thank you very much for your software and your effort to continually improve it. Merci beaucoup! I have a question: pencil sketch #1 doesn't function for me in 3.60. Any suggestion for a workaround short of reverting to 3.50?

David said...

Hi Don,
I optimized Pencil sketch 1 and that is probably what caused the issue. Can you send me a mail ( with the details of the error (error message, screenshot, etc.)? Are you on Windows 10 or an older version?

Zakir said...

Any updates on the android version

Glenn said...

Norton LifeLock antivirus removed the .exe. Says it has too few users and is very new and thinks it is a threat. Maybe you can submit it to them for official verification?

You have a great program and I donated. Thanks!

David said...

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for the heads up, it happens after every new release. Antivirus software use heuristics to try and detect malware and there are sometimes false positives. I'll contact them.
And also thank you for your very generous donation! I'm glad that people like you are willing to offer me lots of delicious coffee to keep me going ;)

Kind regards,


Matt said...

Thank you very much for this great piece of software!
I have two questions about future versions of FotoSketcher:

a) any plans to support more than 1 CPU core/thread or is that impossible right now?
b) would it be possible to set (or lock) the folder FotoSketcher is locking for custom brushes? right now it's quite annoying when the program is always opening the last load/save image folder when trying to load a custom brush.

About the "pencil sketch #1" issue mentioned above: for me it's working fine in version 3.60 and i'm on Windows 10.

With best regards,

Tracy said...

Hi David, is FotoSketcher available for a Samsung Tablet? I love this program.

David said...

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your comment :)
I am looking at multithread support, but it is tricky. I have managed to make progress on the Android test version I'm working on so maybe in the (distant) future...
As for the custom brush folder, this will indeed be added.
regarding the Pencil Sketch issue, I'm glad it's working for you. It could be that the speed up I used in v3.60 is not compatible with versions of Windows older than 10. I'll add some checks in my code for the Windows version and revert to slower routines if need be. That will have to be the case for MacOS too BTW. I'm working with the good people of Codeweavers (Crossover Mac) and I'm slowly ironing the bugs to make version 3.60 compatible on MacOS.

Best regards,


David said...

Hi Tracy,
FotoSketcher will not run on an Android tablet (Samsung or other). I'm working on an Android version, but it is not ready yet.
Best regards,

Andrew Finnie said...

Thanks very much David, FotoSketcher is a treasure!

David said...

You're welcome, Andrew :) Thank you for your kind comment.
Best regards,

Aidan McLaughlin said...

This program is incredible! Thanks for everything you do.

David said...

Thank you, Aidan :)

Pilum said...

The incredible app; But where i can download last version for XP-32 ?

David said...

Hi Pilum, if you go to the official mirror website ( you will find a 32bit version which should run fine :)