Saturday, July 3, 2021

How to use Adobe Photoshop® brush files in FotoSketcher

Dear all,

I am still ironing out a few stubborn bugs in FotoSketcher 3.80 (a new beta should hopefully be available soon), but in the meantime here is a small tutorial on how to use Photoshop® .abr files in FotoSketcher.

1/ First, you need to find .abr brush files, which are avalaible for free from many websites. You can for instance head over to


2/ Then unzip the file you just downloaded and locate the .abr file on your drive

3/ If the .abr file contains only one brush, you can simply convert it to a transparent png image using an online service (no need to install anything), like


4/ Alternatively, if the .abr file contains a set of different brushes, the easiest way to convert them to png images is to use some free software, like ABR Viewer or ABRMate (download for free from and install on your PC)


5/ Finally, in FotoSketcher, choose Painting 4 and click on "load custom brush" and choose one or multiple png brush files that you just converted


Have fun :)





Anonymous said...

"Load custom brush" ... can't find !?
Thanks & have nice weekend ..

David said...


You need to be on an effect which supports custom brushes (like Painting 4 for instance).
The "load custom brush" button will automatically appear, to the right of the preview (on the parameters window).

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Thanks David

Have nice weekend 👍