Saturday, August 14, 2021

FotoSketcher 3.80 is officially released


Hi all!

FotoSketcher 3.80 is now officially released. Head over to to download.

Here is a list of all changes and improvements in this release:

  • Larger preview area (21% larger) with a new rotating "in progress" icon
  • Painting 4 can now run without erasing the previous painting. This can be useful to mix effects or to start with broad brushtrokes and then load finer brushes and run the effect again. To run Painting 4 without erasing the previous image, RIGHT-CLICK on the Draw button instead of left-clicking.
  • The scripting function (press the F5 function key to open the window) can also run the Painting 4 effect without erasing the result image. Just add the line "Don't erase background" before adding a Painting 4 effect line in your script.
  •  Painting 4 now has an svg export (once the effect has finished, a SVG button will appear, below the HD button). This exports the basic rectangles, not the brushstrokes.
  • Pencil Sketch 1 has been refined (less blurry)
  • Custom transparent PNG frames are now supported, with 'autofit' and full preview
  • In the "modify source image" dialog box (F9 function key), a new icon is displayed on the saturation line. When clicked, it will automatically improve color vibrancy of the source image.
  • Custom brush directory for Painting 4 is now saved between sessions
  • A new language is now supported, Danish, thanks to the translation by Kenneth TOLLUND
  • Lot's of small UI enhancements and bug fixes
  • All versions (32bit, 64bit, portable and setup) are now digitally signed for added security and hopefully fewer false positive from antiviruses


Burano - original photo credit: Dorothea Oldani (

I wish to send a massive thank you to all the great people who have helped me improve FotoSketcher over the years and made it possible for me keep it free for all! So thanks again for your encouragements, suggestions, translations, bug testing and generous donations :)

Have fun!

Kind regards,



P.S. As always, FotoSketcher is 100% free, even for commercial use (if you sell your artwork, please ensure you have the rights to the original photos).

P.P.S. Should you wish to support the development of FotoSketcher, you can make a small donation to fuel my tea and coffee addiction ;) 


Unknown said...

Great work! Is the MacOS version still being developed?

David said...

Thank you :) Yes, I'm still working on the MacOS version. I've hit a few problems with CrossVCL, so I've gone back to rewriting the code from scratch in a new framework (Delphi FMX). I tested yesterday on my M1 chip MacBook Air and it worked well. Slow, but steady progress...

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup!

Andy said...

Thanks very much for creating this software. I tried out an older version a while ago but found I couldn't achieve the results I wanted. I recently downloaded this latest version and have been experimenting with layering different painting modes and loving the effects. It really is the best in it's class by far.

Andy said...

I am experimenting with custom brushes as well, although I like the default brush for Painting 10 Brushstrokes. I'd like to use it for touch ups in Photoshop, would you kindly let me know where I might find that brush image file? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is it now possible to import png image with transparent background or is it still not supported? :)

Navigator said...

3.30 / 3.80 differences at same settings

Dear Mr. Thoiron,
I've been using FotoSketcher for several years now, and it has done a beautiful job of converting my photos to my style of artwork. I've found nothing that works better than FotoSketcher, especially to render foliage of all types.

Recently I downloaded 3.80, but brief testing sent me back to my 3.30 version that I've been using with great success.

I don't know if I have a bad copy of 3.80, or if it's settings for Cartoon 1 have been re-calibrated.

I have screenshots, but don't see a way to attach them.

Images are 5.04 pixel jpg's, OS - Win 10.
3.80 gives me disconnected strokes with about 5/8 coverage of image. and a few of the usual amount of lines.

Can you tell me what causes this? It's extremely important that I get the effect in the 3.30 version. My art depends on it. If 3.80 has re-calibrated Cartoon 1 settings, can you guide me in finding the new settings to try to re-create what I got from 3.30?

Also, I'm about to offer my artwork for sale so I should purchase a commercial license.
If the aforementioned 3.30 effects are not available in 3.80, can I get your permission to duplicate my 3.30 for protection?

Best regards,
and thank you for the wonderful software.
Marty Ellenbecker - Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

David said...

Dear Marty,
Can you send some examples made in versions 3.30 and 3.80 by email at
I'll look into my code to see what changes were made.
Best regards,

Tray Dee said...

How is progress on the MacOS version?

I too used Fotosketcher for years .. but haven't since it stopped working on MacOS.

David said...

The new MacOS version is still in development. I'm currently working on the user interface and a couple of effects. Once I have a test version ready, I'll make it available so users can try it out on various MacOS versions.

Navigator said...

Hi David,
Re: 3.30 vs 3.80 image quality -

I forgot to mention that my computer can lock up if I use some of the more demanding graphics programs for too long in a session.

Does your software check my computer for resources available when it creates the prediction window? If so,it may just be predicting the best result it can give under the circumstances.

If this is the case, I apologize for sending you on a wild goose chase looking for a problem that's not on your end.

Best regards,

Edward said...

Good afternoon, David. I love your software! Thank you very much for your great software and great work!
I'd really like to ask you if it's possible to make Fotosketcher use more computer resources - both memory and processor. Currently Fotosketcher is using about 11-12% of the CPU, and I would like the usage rate to be around 60-70%. Is it possible? Thanks in advance for your reply!

David said...

Dear Marty and Edward, thank you for your comments.
@Marty: It might be that the image is too large. I suggest not exceeding 6000x4000 pixels (dpi is irrelevant). If you still have issues, you can send me an email at contact @ fotosketcher dot com
@Edward: the current version of FotoSketcher is mono thread, but you can launch multiple instances at once. If you process multiple images simultaneously in different instances, you will be able to use multiple cores (and increase CPU usage). This is particularly useful for batch (CTRL+B) mode.