Sunday, May 15, 2022

Progress report

 Hi all,

Just a quick update on the development of FotoSketcher 4.00 (Windows and MacOS).

I've found a faster way to port my existing code (current version of FotoSketcher) to the new framework, which enables me to both modernize FotoSketcher and make it multiplatform.

Over the week-end, I've been able to add 2 new effects (pencil sketch 2 & 3). So now, 3 pencil sketch effects and 1 painting effect have been ported. 

I've also started to add new languages, so that the new version will be multingual by design from the start. 

I will soon make a test version available for both MacOS and Windows for you to play with ;)

All the best,



TomCSC said...

Will there be any way to control the thickness of the sketch lines in the new filters?

Mark said...

Hi David, great to hear about the progress. Looking forward to trying out the new pencil sketch options.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about progress.

I am a real fan of your work, and was saddened when it stopped working on recent MacOS versions.

I did test the beta from the last update you did and that crashes on macOS Monterey - I expect many have reported that to you already.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, David!
We are waiting your news.

David said...

Hi Tom, Mark, and all,
Thank you for your messages.
I've just uploaded a new MacOS version (
@Tom: I'm currently just porting existing filters, with little changes. I'll look into line thickness, that's a good point (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Great program love it keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to try the 4.0 version and hope to see more alpha channel support for other styles (especially 'painting 8' my favorite).

Keep the good work sir! Love your software!

David said...

Thank you for your comments :)
I am indeed planning to add alpha channel support to most effects, Painting 8 included.
Progress has been slow the last 2 weeks due to a lot going on at work, but I am continuing to port existing effects to the new platform.

Anonymous said...

David. I love this application. Do you have an idea when you'll have a version for MacOS Catalina?
Thank you.


Unknown said...

On aime ce que tu fais pour la communauté internationale des amateurs de peintures virtuelles.

Keep it up!

David said...

Thank you, merci :)
As for Catalina and Big Sur support, I'm still working on porting the current algorithms and it is taking time. For example, on Windows, I use a function (Floodfill) that does not exist in the new framework (Delphi FMX). So I have to write it from scratch. No big deal, but I ran into some memory issues on large images and requires lots of debugging...
Hopefully, I'll be able to post a new version with more effects in August.